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Jason Momoa Reveals How Dave Bautista Approached Him For Their Upcoming Buddy-Cop Movie

Jason Momoa Reveals How Dave Bautista Approached Him For Their Upcoming Buddy-Cop Movie

What started out as Dave Bautista tweeting out his desire to star in a buddy-cop film with Jason Momoa on Twitter has since then led to the tweet gaining traction and Momoa confirming that their Lethal Weapon-type buddy cop film is in the works.

Mamoa appeared on The Late Show with James Corden, saying, “I’ve got the hair, he doesn’t have hair. We’ve covered all the demographics.”

While Momoa does not have a Twitter account, he did confirm with Entertainment Weekly that Bautista did run the pitch by him first before tweeting out his pitch to Twitter.

“He did text me first, which is how respectful he is,” Momoa said. “I was like, ‘Hell yes. Tell me where to sign, I’m in.’ And then it turns out he just tweeted it right after getting my approval. And then it went viral. You’re like, ‘All right, well, it’s that easy. Let’s do it, buddy.'”

“It’s amazing–you try to work your whole career to get an opportunity like this, and he just tweets something [to make it happen],” Momoa said in an interview with EW. “And then I got asked about it on Corden, and now our phones won’t stop ringing. So, it’s safe to say that one is happening.”

The film is still untitled but Bautista had floated his desire to have David Leitch, director behind Deadpool 2 and John Wick, to helm the film, but that has yet to be confirmed. Mamoa and Bautista plan on having their movie filmed in Hawaii.

“I adore the guy,” Momoa said, referring to Bautista. “He’s just such an amazing human being and a phenomenal actor. I love being around his energy, and I feel like he feels the same about me.”

Fans of the two Hollywood hunks can catch the pair as adversaries in Season 2 of See on Apple TV+, premiering September 3, and on the silver screen in Dune which hits theatres and HBO Max on October 22.

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