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QH Sports Dota Series 3 shines the spotlight on upcoming Asian talent

QH Sports Dota Series 3 shines the spotlight on upcoming Asian talent

The QH Sports Dota Series 3 interrupts this moment to deliver mediocre Dota 2 games for your entertainment. Enough with the powerhouses stealing the show every day of the Dota Pro Circuit. Jest aside, the tier-3 Dota 2 scene isn’t too shabby and we do see quite a variety of unusual playstyles and drafts.

Hey, whatever floats the boat in the SEA region, as a $15,000 prize pool for a C-tier competition ain’t that bad.

© Army Geniuses

QH Sports Dota Series 3 Tournament Format and Teams

QH Sports Dota Series 3 is mostly an amateur level event. Nevertheless, it does spot a full-fletched Group Stage and Playoffs, spanning over three weeks. The group stage is of single round-robin best-of-two series, where only top eight proceed to the Playoffs. Whereas the playoffs are of double-elimination best-of-three series, except for the best-of-five grand finals.

The QH Sports Dota Series 3 invited ten participants, several from the DPC2021-22 and others are unfamiliar faces. Notably, the DPC2021-22 candidates include Execration, Ragdoll, Army Geniuses, 496, and InterActive Philippines. Others include Team M11, ALPHA Esports Pro, Violet, Red Flower, and Summit Gaming.

The teams have been picked and set for QH Series 3. Make sure to tune in a 3PM AEDT for the start of the QH Sports Dota Series 3👌

📺https://t.co/AP7EBGgQdF 📺#Esports #dota2 #Qhseries pic.twitter.com/6PB5G0I5ec

— Oceanic Esports (@OceanicEsportGG) January 3, 2022

In hindsight, fans would anticipate the DPC participants to show some level of skills at the QH Sports Dota Series 3. However, the real appeal in this tournament lies in the potential of other unfamed participants. For instance, Team M11 didn’t hesitate to dominate over other amateurs. With two clean sweeps and a draw, they have at least proven themselves to be the best team among non-DPC participants.

QH Sports Dota Series 3 Match Predictions and Analysis

We wouldn’t be EsportsDotNet if we did not provide our initital set of match predictions for every Dota event we find Dota 2 odds for. Here goes.

Army Geniuses vs Red Flower

Army Geniuses may be regarded as an oddball in the QH Sports Dota Series 3, being one of the more seasoned teams around. However, Army Geniuses is by no means a strong opponent, especially in the DPC2021-22 Division 2.

Even so, it’s likely that Army Geniuses can snatch this series from Red Flower with relative ease. Red Flower’s drafts are underwhelming on paper, and rely excessively on their players to dominate their lane. Otherwise, their drafts wouldn’t be as effective when their opponents have mechanisms to escape or even sustain themselves. Red Flower managed to tie two series but got uberstopmed by Violet yesterday. I do not expect the series agaisnt AG to go in any way differently.

The odds favor Army Geniuses for their reputation as the seasoned squad at x2.68 versus Red Flower at x3.36. The bookmakers expect a tie here, but I expect a full fledged wipeout in favor of AG.

Violet vs 496

Chinese teams, pro league or not, are well recognized to be formidable teams. All thanks to the blooming esports scene in the country, wholly contributed by sustainable practice of in-house leagues. Hence, even tier-3 Chinese teams could have decent potential and upbringing. Teams in this bracket tend to be relentless at their pursuits, where the general mindset is to score more kills, and eventually win the game.

Violet is blend of the entire Asia scene baked into one bloodthirsty roster. They like fighting and they like to play game where a coin flip decides everything. Up against 496, they are running into a team that got beat in 5 out of their last 6 matches, and that simply cannot contest anyone in the Tier2 and 3 scene.

Nevertheless, Violet has better odds at x2.65 versus 496 at x3.96, plausibly due to their scoreboard numbers. Expect Violet to win a clean series here.

Summit Gaming vs M11

Summit Gaming isn’t your typical amateur team, at least in their playstyle. They prefer hard lockdowns onto single opponents, which is a sure-fire method of killing any enemy carry. However, durable late-game carries exist, such as Medusa and even elusive heroes can be a nuisance with Linken’s Sphere.

We saw Summit Gaming adopt more teamfight-oriented heroes, almost mimicking the meta. However, executions do need some improvements on their part before they can hold their own. Up against team M11, this might be tricky to execute. M11 has shown great potential at this event, and the best Summit can hope for is a tie.

The odds on GG.BET still reflect a great bet towards a tie in this series.

To sum up the QH Sports Dota Series 3, there’s the chaos in the air and the carefree attitude of these young teams.

Show these amateurs some love, and perhaps we might just see them on a grander stage, such as the DPC2021-22. Expect more group stage matches to last up to January 17. Therefore, you might want to skim through our handy Dota 2 betting guide and esports bookmakers for great betting slips.

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