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June 9, 2023

Report: The state of in-housing in 2022

Report: The state of in-housing in 2022

In-housing is in a state of evolution. 

Over the past 12 months, in-house teams have adapted to remote and hybrid work models, and are measuring changes in ROI, tracking the impact of technology on creativity and shifting their working relationships with external agencies. Teams are also working to improve how they collaborate internally in order to build better trust, workflows and communication, while also creating more innovative work. 

To uncover how in-housing tactics and trends are changing, Digiday and Bannerflow surveyed 400 senior marketers across Europe in numerous industries. This report highlights what they told us and, through expert insights, how teams are evolving their in-housing strategies in order to drive growth. 

Download this new report to learn about:

– How content demand, skill sets and digital initiatives are changing for in-house teams

– Top-of-mind challenges and opportunities in-house teams are navigating

– How brands including Arla Foods, ComeOn Group, and HSBC UK are approaching in-housing in 2022

– Steps teams are taking to improve collaboration and innovation

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