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Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals on Fitness and Health

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals on Fitness and Health

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Looking for Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals on fitness and health products? We have everything you need right here! The Amazon Prime Day 2022 sale has been officially announced as taking place on the 12th – 13th of July and this two day event will offer a huge range of deals and savings across a fantastic range of product categories for Amazon Prime members. As well as the staple Amazon offerings of smart TVs, tablets, laptops, smart speakers and vinyl, we’re sure that there will also be some massive savings to be had on fitness equipment and apparel.

At the time of writing, much about Prime Day remains unconfirmed but there have already been some early deals on health and fitness equipment made available which gives a strong indication that more will be coming as the event draws near. So if you’re looking to make savings on home fitness products, clothing, nutrition or fitness tech, be sure to check back on this page regularly as we’ll be reporting the best deals with the biggest savings as they land.

With home fitness still enjoying a post-lockdown boom, it’s very likely that home-training equipment will feature high on the list of Prime Day bargains to be had. And with many people looking to get in shape for the summer months, we’re also expecting to see lots of discounts on fitness clothing, accessories and apparel along with bulk discounts on protein powders and meal replacement shakes.

So, take a look below for some early deals on everything from treadmills, rowing machines and exercise bikes to sports bras, electric toothbrushes and water flossers. We’ve found the greatest deals to help you be the best version of yourself without breaking the bank.

Amazon Prime Day fitness tracker deals

Amazon Prime Day rowing machine deals

Amazon Prime Day treadmill deals

Amazon Prime Day exercise bike deals

Amazon Prime Day adjustable dumbbell deals

Amazon Prime Day running shoe deals

Amazon Prime Day sports bra deals

Amazon Prime Day protein powder deals

Amazon Prime Day air purifier deals

Amazon Prime Day humidifier deals

Amazon Prime Day De-humidifier deals

Amazon Prime Day Electric toothbrush deals

Amazon Prime Day Waterflosser deals

When is Amazon Prime Day?

The date for the official Amazon Prime Day 2020 has been confirmed as taking place on Tuesday 12th – Wednesday 13th July 2022. Lasting over 48 hours, the huge sales event will feature incredible deals, discounts and savings across a huge range of product categories. Be sure to check back on this page regularly as we’ll be reporting on the latest deals around health and wellness products as soon as they are announced.

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