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October 3, 2022

The Most Headline-Making Royal Looks

The Most Headline-Making Royal Looks

The words “shocking” and “fashion” are not natural bedfellows for the British royal family, who employ clothes for diplomacy, symbolism and visibility. There is nothing scandalous about the Queen’s signature color-blocking, designed so that her subjects can see her petite frame on public engagements. Nor the Duchess of Cambridge’s dress coats, which lend a certain degree of predictable polish to photo opportunities.

But before Kate Middleton became a Cambridge, she was a Sloane Ranger with a penchant for what Mayfair’s Mahiki club had to offer. Diana, Princess of Wales, too, was not immune to killer party dresses that got the paparazzi flashing. How could they be? Princess Margaret had paved the way for them.

From the eveningwear that was a hop, skip and a jump away from royal protocol, to the distressed denim jeans that found their way into The Firm by way of Meghan Markle, here are the most eyebrow-raising looks to come out of the palace.

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