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Josh Sawyer: Pentiment Wouldn’t Exist Without Game Pass

Josh Sawyer: Pentiment Wouldn’t Exist Without Game Pass

William D’Angelo
, posted 1 day ago / 1,044 Views

Obsidian Entertainment Studio Design Director Josh Sawyer speaking on Waypoint Radio said his latest game, Pentiment, would not exist if it wasn’t for Xbox Game Pass.

He considers it a niche game and in the traditional gaming model it would have been hard to get a publisher to pick it up. However, Xbox Game Pass helps make the game viable.

“I never would have proposed making Pentiment without Game Pass,” said Sawyer. “Like I literally just wouldn’t have done it. I just don’t think it would have been possible.”

Pentiment is a 16th-century narrative adventure game and it released yesterday for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, and Xbox Game Pass.

Obsidian Game Director Josh Sawyer has said Pentiment wouldn’t exist without Game Pass

“I never would have proposed making Pentiment without Game Pass. Like I literally just wouldn’t have done it. I just don’t think it would have been possible.”https://t.co/Mn2G5rrnc7 pic.twitter.com/xkX42LQmX7

— Benji-Sales (@BenjiSales) November 16, 2022

Read details on the game below:

Explore history in the modern time through the style of illuminated manuscripts and early modern woodcuts. Pentiment is a narrative-adventure game set in 16th century upper Bavaria in the time of the Holy Roman Empire. You will take on the role of Andreas Maler, a very clever journeyman artist who gets caught up in a series of murders and scandals that spans 25 years in the fictional town of Tassing and Kiersau Abbey.

It will be up to you to decide Andreas’ choices, from his educational background and lifestyle to how he investigates the murders that happen around him. From sneaking into the abbey library late at night to look at secret documents, to playing a round of a tavern’s favorite card game to get information from those who are playing, it’s up to you to choose how to use the precious time you’re given to investigate the suspects. Every decision and accusation Andreas makes carries consequences that will impact the tightly-knit Alpine community for generations to come.

Players who will be joining us at Gamescom this week will be able to get the first look at Pentiment where it will be playable on the show floor. Starting after the events of the first murder in the game, Gamescom attendees will have to choose which one of three leads they have to follow up on to start working on their suspect list. What they do with their time and how they use it is up to them, but what will unravel from their choices and how it will lead to justice will unfold with the full release on November 15.

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