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February 2, 2023
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Eschatology Entertainment raises $4m in seed funding

Eschatology Entertainment raises $4m in seed funding

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The studio co-founded by Half Life and Wargaming alums also said that its currently working on an unannounced FPS

Eschatology Entertainment has raised $4 million in a round of seed funding led by GEM Capital and The Games Fund.

Eschatology was founded this year by Fuad Kuliev, Viktor Antonov, Dmytro Kostiukevych, and Boris Nikolaev.

Some of the founders’ career experiences include working at game companies such as Wargaming.

Antonov himself served as visual director on Half-life 2 and held the same position for the Dishonored series.

“It is a stroke of luck that brought together extremely talented developers and investors who can see potential in hardcore and narrative games,” said Kuliev.

Additionally, the studio said that its first title is an unannounced narrative shooter for consoles and PC.

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