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James Krause betting scandal: Here’s what we know so far [UPDATED]

James Krause betting scandal: Here’s what we know so far [UPDATED]

James Krause betting scandal: Here’s what we know so far.

If you’re even a casual fan of MMA you’ve probably heard of James Krause. He’s a former UFC fighter turned storied coach who, for most of his career, was well-liked and highly respected. But that’s all changing now that he’s in the center of a major betting scandal.

Here’s what we know about the scandal, Krause’s involvement, and everything else you need to know.

James Krause talked about his betting business on Ariel Helwani showKrause talked about his betting while appearing on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani on Aug. 1, 2022.

“I bet every single card just about every fight,” Krause said. “I have a Discord [server], like 2,000 members in it, we crush it. Last week, we destroyed it. I take over people’s accounts and play for them, I do pretty well. I make more money gambling on MMA than I do anything else.

“I don’t make s—t on coaching,” he continued. “Absolutely not. I mean, if you’re talking about time, if I go out on a Wednesday to a Sunday and make 10 percent off a guy … if we’re not talking about Brandon Moreno, most of my guys are entry-level guys making 12/12 (to show/to win), 14/14. I have some guys making in the 20s but even at that, you get 10 percent of 20,000, it’s 2,000 and I’m on the road every weekend Wednesday to Sunday. It just doesn’t — no. It’s not even close.”

The UFC issued a statement banning fighters from participating in any gambling activity for any UFC eventOn Oct. 17 the UFC issued a statement banning fighters from betting on UFC fights.

“UFC fighters are now prohibited from gambling on any UFC fight, regardless of if they are involved or not. They can still be sponsored just not allowed to bet at all,” Helwani tweeted.

Darrick Minner’s fight caught the eye of gambling investigators after suspicious betting lines were movedWelp. Seems absolutely clear that Darrick Minner’s preexisting knee injury leaked to at least a few gamblers. #UFCVegas64

— Bloody Elbow (@BloodyElbow) November 6, 2022

On Nov. 5, Darrick Minner lost his fight with Shayilan Nuerdanbieke via a 1:10 TKO due to injury. The injury is said to have been known before the fight. Moments before the fight took place a large move on the betting line favored Nuerdanbieke winning by first-round TKO, prompting betting sites to investigate.

Canadian providences and New Jersey pull UFC fights from their betting platformsBREAKING: Alberta has become the second Canadian province to halt UFC wagering, per an AGLC (Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis) spokesperson.

Pending UFC wagers have been voided and the stake has been returned to the player.

Story coming soon to https://t.co/Fw7QNOv43S

— Aaron Bronsteter (@aaronbronsteter) December 2, 2022

On Nov. 5 the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis spokesperson announced it would be removing all UFC lines from betting, following suit with Ontario which also banned it this week.

New Jersey banned any fights involving Krause as a coach.

UFC released Darrick Minner and ban fighter from being coached by KrauseOn Dec. 2, the UFC released a statement condemning Krause and Minner and issued a notice to all fighters involved with Krause. Additionally, they announced that Minner had been released from the promotion.

“On November 18, the Nevada State Athletic Commission informed UFC and Minner’s coach, James Krause, that Krause’s license was suspended and would remain so while NSAC conducted an investigation into the matter,” the statement reads. “UFC has since advised Krause and the respective managers working with impacted fighters, that effective immediately, fighters who choose to continue to be coached by Krause or who continue to train in his gym, will not be permitted to participate in UFC events pending the outcome of the aforementioned government investigations.  Further, UFC has released Darrick Minner from the organization.”

This story is developing and will be updated when more details are uncovered.

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