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Halo Top is Giving Away Free Ice Cream and Workout Gear For the New Year But There’s a Catch

Halo Top is Giving Away Free Ice Cream and Workout Gear For the New Year But There’s a Catch

The New Year is almost upon us and for many, that means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Each year, people resolve to make all kinds of changes in their lives for the year ahead — frequently, those goals being health or fitness related. However, success in keeping those resolutions isn’t actually that high. A 2021 study published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (via CNN) revealed that about 64 percent of people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by the end of January. For 2023, however, Halo Top is giving people some incentive to stick to their resolutions. The low-calorie, high-protein ice cream brand announced on Wednesday that they are releasing a new line of ice-cream inspired workout gear that fans can get for free if they maintain their resolutions — but they’re also giving away free ice cream to those who don’t quite go the distance.

According to the brand, the new limited-edition collection will include yoga mats, sweatbands for your ice cream pint, ice cream scoop kettlebells and more and all people have to do to get them is keep up with their resolution for 66 days — the length of time it takes to create a habit. Between January 1st and March 31st, 2023, fans can go to halotopgoalgetter.com and track their progress towards their goals to clinch the limited-edition merch. On top of that, those working on their resolutions could win a weeklong wellness retreat as well.

But while that all sounds “cool”, even those who don’t stick with their resolutions for the full 66 days will still come out with something sweet. Halo Top is giving away free ice cream to those who track their progress and maintain those resolutions for just seven days — and while that might sound counterintuitive, rewarding a resolution with ice cream, Halo Top is a low calorie, high protein ice cream made by using ultrafiltered skim milk to give it an even creamier texture at just 320 calories for the entire pint.

Halo Top’s Goal Getter tracking website launches on January 1st.


Will you be making any health or fitness related New Year’s Resolutions for 2023? How long do you think you will keep your resolutions? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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