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February 5, 2023

Timeline: Pope Benedict’s life

Timeline: Pope Benedict’s life


Joe Murphy, JoElla Carman and Nigel Chiwaya

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s 95 years of life started in a small Bavarian village in Germany and saw him rise to the pinnacle of the Catholic Church.

Along the way, Benedict, who died Saturday in the Vatican, would become many things: a conscript into the German army in World War II, a war deserter, the longest-living Pope, and the first Pope to step down in more than six centuries.

This timeline shows the milestones in Benedict’s life.

Joe Murphy is a data editor at NBC News.

JoElla Carman

JoElla Carman is the Data Graphics Interactive Visual Designer for NBC News Digital.

Nigel Chiwaya is the Senior Editor, Data Viz for NBC News Digital.

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