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Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to Buy Fight Out (FGHT) on Presale – Just Days Until ICO Ends!

Don’t Miss Your Last Chance to Buy Fight Out (FGHT) on Presale – Just Days Until ICO Ends!

Are you a fitness enthusiast waiting for the Web3 world to introduce fitness-related virtual experiences? With Fight Out around, you no longer have to wait for such Web3 opportunities anymore.

A Web3 platform that supports all things fitness, Fight Out (FGHT) is everything you need to fulfill your fitness-related consultation, suggestions, gaming, workout, and earning needs. This modern-day virtual gym and its unique Play-2-Earn (P2E) approach have ideally made Fight Out, and its emerging coin FGHT stand out in the crypto market among its competitors. 

But as its presale phase gets close to its end, time is ticking faster than ever until the FGHT price increases with the token’s listing. You know what this means, right? This is your last chance to invest in $FGHT at a lower price. So don’t miss this opportunity! 

Now let’s explore below the potential, usage, and process of buying FGHT tokens before their presale phase ends. 

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Overview of Fight Out:

Fight Out is a dApp product powered by Binance Smart Chain (BSC BEP – 20) that operates as a cryptocurrency and is based in the United Kingdom. 

Fight Out now functions as both a fitness app and a gaming platform, switching from Move-2-Earn (M2E) to Play-2-Earn (P2E). On this platform, you are encouraged to participate in workouts and sweat sessions, for which you can earn $FGHT rewards.

Fight Out’s reward system allows you to earn FGHT tokens for completing the prescribed workout sessions, completing the challenges, earning game badges, and helping the gaming community grow.

With the diverse gaming and fitness feature offered by Fight Out, you get: 

  • A safe gaming experience for fitness enthusiasts
  • Secure and fair challenge and reward system

FGHT Token: 

The Fight Out metaverse is a virtual reality realm powered by Ethereum. The $FGHT coin powers the Fight Out metaverse, which is intended to be an Ethereum-powered virtual reality universe.

As a result, FGHT tokens are required for all purchases in the Fight Out metaverse, including subscriptions and entry fees for in-game tournaments and metaverse leagues.

You can use this token to participate in multiple shop games, in-game tournaments, between-game tournaments, and a number of minor and big leagues. And with FGHT currently available at lower rates in its ongoing presale that is soon going to end, this is your last chance to invest in this rising crypto at lower rates and double the fitness fun in your life.  

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Token Listing: 

With Fight Out’s token FGHT’s presale scheduled to end on March 31st, the platform recently revealed that its coins’ debut listing set for April 5th would be held on the XT.com market. Previous to this, Fight Out also announced that the project would be listed on three additional top cryptocurrency exchanges when the presale concludes, including BKEX, BitForex, and LBank. The listing price of the $FGHT token will be 0.0333 USDT. Hence, now is the perfect time for you to collect $FGHT tokens at lower rates. 

How To Buy FGHT in 5 Steps?

With the $FGHT presale nearing its end, you might want to waste any more time and jump into your crypto wallet to make an FGHT purchase. 

But how can you buy this crypto? It’s simple! Just follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Wallet Setup

To purchase FGHT, you should first determine whether you have a crypto wallet ready or not. For this, you can consider Trust Wallet (mobile app) and MetaMask (desktop browser extension), which are accessible due to Fight Out’s partnership with Web3Auth in the form of a one-click wallet setup. You can download these wallets directly from their official websites. 

  • Wallet Connection

After checking that the wallet is installed, proceed to the Fight Out presale page. Now, click the “BUY FGHT NOW” button to begin the process of connecting your wallet.

To proceed, you must select the wallet you installed in this step.

  • Buying $FGHT with ETH/BNB/USDT

Now is the moment to add ETH, BNB, or USDT to your wallet in order to purchase $FGHT. You can buy these currencies from a wallet, a trustworthy broker, or a cryptocurrency exchange and then transfer them to your wallet.

Nevertheless, Fight Out has partnered with Wert, allowing you to purchase $FGHT directly with a debit/credit card.

  • Buy and Confirm Your $FGHT Token Purchase

If you intend to buy FGHT tokens with ETH/BNB/USDT, make sure you have enough ETH/BNB/USDT in your wallet. Following that, enter the number of tokens you want to convert in FGHT. You will see the number of $FGHT tokens you will receive on the same page.

Now, simply click the “BUY NOW” button.

Eventually, the wallet provider will request authorization. So after authorizing, you must confirm the transaction after seeing the gas fees.

  • Claim Tokens

Once your FGHT purchase is validated, you can claim the tokens based on the vesting period you choose. The FGHT Token Generation Event (TGE) will now be held on April 5. Hence, if you choose a zero-month vesting time while acquiring your FGHT token, you can collect your tokens by then.

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

Summing Up: 

All in all, Fight Out is a new and developing initiative in the crypto world that is quickly gaining popularity, with its token value expanding at a breakneck pace. Now that the $FGHT Fight Out token is required to use the Fight Out app and take advantage of its gaming, fitness, and earning features, your early investment in the FGHT token will provide you with more than just solid future returns.

Furthermore, in order to use the Fight Out app and its endless exciting features, you must subscribe to it, and this subscription can only be paid for with $FGHT tokens. Now with the growing popularity and huge potential of value increase, this project holds in 2023, this is your time to collect FGHT tokens a few days before the ICO ends. 

So don’t miss your opportunity to claim up to 67% of the presale bonus with FGHT and collect this token while it is still at a low rate of 0.03330 USDT.

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