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5 Reasons This Move-2-earn Crypto’s Presale Exploded to Over $5 Million!

5 Reasons This Move-2-earn Crypto’s Presale Exploded to Over $5 Million!

The fitness industry is not what it used to be. People are now looking for something different that can help them stay motivated in the long run. Fight Out is a crypto project that aims to provide users with what they need – expert guidance, access to innovative gyms, and an app where they will be able to track their progress in detail. However, the benefits don’t stop there, which is why Fight Out hit a $5 million milestone in its ongoing presale and looks set to be going strong. Keep reading to find out why this project is achieving such impressive success!

  • The players will see their fitness routine differently

Gamification of the fitness routine is a new concept that instantly attracts people who enjoy games. Fight Out is based on the move-to-earn concept, which means that the users will have access to the planned exercises, and completing them will be instantly recorded and sent to the app that the users will have on their smartphones. The efforts will pile up and be rewarded accordingly.

The funds from the presale will be directed towards creating gyms that will have built-in sensors, which means that the data will be sent to the apps easily. Besides, the users will also have avatars that they will be able to personalize in order to look exactly the same as the user. The fact that it will be connected this way and that the hard work will be rewarded will certainly bring some fresh energy and help the users to keep going, even when it becomes too challenging. 

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  • The training will be carefully planned

The team behind Fight Out believes that leading an active lifestyle is the right that every person has and that society can be a better place because of it. However, staying active should also be fun. A combo of performing exercises in real life and the play-to-earn system can be a perfect blend that can lead to success. Fight Out project was created in cooperation with athletes who know this area well, so there are four main ambassadors: Amanda Ribas and Taila Santos, both MMA fighters, Savannah Marshall – professional boxer, and Tremayne Dortch – gym advisor and fitness influencer. 

The knowledge of these people will be directed towards creating the best experience for the users looking for guidance. Not only that, but there will be videos of the exercises that focus on strength and conditioning, cardio, technique, and mobility, and consultations with the trainers when the users need help with their fitness journey. In addition, training to defeat your heroes in a Soulbound stat battle is a dream come true!

  • The users will be generously rewarded

The rewards are the incentives that the users want to get in order to stay on their course and continue making an effort to stay fit. Completing challenges will result in gaining REPS, the in-app, off-chain currency that the users will be able to direct towards upgrading the appearance and the stats of their avatar. Not only that, but the users will be able to exchange the FGHT tokens that are now available on presale for fiat currency or use them to purchase various items.

The users can also count on bonuses, so if REPS are purchased with FGHT, there is a 25% bonus. In addition, investing now in FGHT tokens during a presale means that the early investors will receive up to a 67% presale bonus. This bonus is one more reason why the investors are so eager to participate now, but also because the presale will surely end soon, which means there is no time to waste!

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  • Investing in Fight Out will bring multiple benefits

Staying active has numerous health benefits. There are proven effects on the health and mood of individuals who are active for at least fifteen minutes a day. With the Fight Out move2earn concept, there are also financial benefits from staying healthy and fit. Being active in the gym will be instantly recorded on the app, which will add up and lead to many rewards. Not only that but there is a special focus on the community.

There will be live events where the users will be able to meet and communicate, which is also an important aspect of this project. We are social beings, after all, and meeting new people that think alike can be challenging at certain points in life. By investing in Fight Out, the users will also enter a community of people gathered around the same goal – staying fit and earning at the same time!

  • The price of FGHT token is bound to pump

With all these aspects of the Fight out the project, it is obvious that the potential of it to evolve is enormous. This project seems to be what the crypto investors have been waiting for. It is a combination of fun, challenges, and rewards as a way to push your boundaries and step out of your comfort zone.

Besides, the success of the presale is one of the first indicators of future success and looking at the amount raised already, it is clear that this project stands out in the sea of others. The analysts estimate that investing in FGHT could bring 50x gains, and since the price of these tokens is more than affordable, the success of this presale can be easily explained. If you wish to make this year a year of change and new beginnings, Fight Out can be a genuine game-changer!

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After carefully going through all these reasons, it is clear why people can’t get enough of Fight Out. With all the perks and incentives, it will surely be one interesting journey toward your fitness goals. If you want to explore all the options this crypto project offers, hurry up and get your FGHT tokens before their price pumps! 

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