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December 6, 2023

Paige Spiranac ‘extremely scared’ files restraining order against alleged Olivia Wilde stalker

Paige Spiranac ‘extremely scared’ files restraining order against alleged Olivia Wilde stalker

Paige Spiranac is filing a restraining order against 32-year-old Eric Fuhs for allegedly stalking her. She claims that he has followed her to tournaments and that she is “extremely anxious and scared,” according to Yahoo News.

Spiranac has become a lightning rod in the sport of golf over the last handful of years. She has built a massive following on social media, with more 3.8 million followers. That is more than Tiger Woods or any other golfer.

That’s despite her playing career as a professional having dried up. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have game. She can play a round with the best of them.

Unfortunately, her popularity sometimes draws unwanted attention. That certainly appears to be the case now.

“Even though much of my career involves making public appearances, I have been scared to share my location with fans. I am scared for my safety,” she wrote in the filing.

“I am extremely troubled by Mr. Fuhs’ delusional belief that he has been communicating with me. I fear that without a restraining order, Mr. Fuhs will continue to attempt to see me, particularly when I have to travel to the Los Angeles area for work.”

The golf influencer went on to say that Fuhs already has civil restraining order against him for alleged stalking actress Olivia Wilde. That restraining order is reportedly in affect until May 2024.

Paige Spiranac also claims that Fuhs has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon in Los Angeles in 2022.

Spiranac was voted as Maxim’s “World’s Sexiest Woman” in the summer of 2022. She has used her beauty, charm, athleticism and intelligence to help build her empire, despite her inner struggles.

Fuhs has reportedly been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Spiranac, including her home, and workplace. That includes “golf courses and other locations when she is making public appearances.” A proceeding court hearing is scheduled for next month.

This is a developing situation with more to follow.

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