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Comerica Bank’s New Digital Lending Platform Boosts Access to Capital for Small Businesses

Comerica Bank’s New Digital Lending Platform Boosts Access to Capital for Small Businesses

Published: Jun 25, 2023
by Small Business Editor
In Small Business News

Comerica Bank, in collaboration with Amount, a digitally enabled lender, has launched Comerica Small Business Convenient Capital, a fully digital, new lending platform for small businesses across the country. This ground-breaking initiative aims to streamline and accelerate the process of accessing capital, providing fast approvals and funding.

The launch of the Comerica Small Business Convenient Capital platform will empower small businesses requiring loans of up to $100,000. It is poised to provide an efficient and simplified solution to the often complex issue of securing funding, a crucial factor for small businesses’ survival and growth.

Key features of the lending platform include:

  • Instant decision-making, typically within 24 hours
  • Funding availability within 72 hours of approval
  • A streamlined application process, both in-person and digital
  • No requirement for tax returns
  • Online customer acceptance and digital loan closing through eSign

“The Comerica Small Business Convenient Capital platform is the newest of many investments in small business products and services we have introduced this year,” said Omar Salah, Comerica Bank’s Director of Small Business Banking. “We aim to raise expectations of what a bank should be by empowering small businesses through enhanced digital capabilities.”

Comerica Bank’s decision to innovate their services for the benefit of small businesses represents a significant shift in the banking sector. “Banks must evolve with customer demand, and we’re excited to partner with Comerica in helping to expand its digital capabilities to better meet the needs of its small business customers,” said Adam Hughes, CEO of Amount.

Comerica’s launch follows SizeUp by Comerica, an online tool offering competitive research, insights, and data to help small businesses make informed decisions. Both developments underline Comerica’s commitment to supporting and nurturing the small business community.

With the challenges posed by the economic environment, such initiatives from financial institutions play a crucial role in the growth and sustainability of small businesses. By eliminating common hurdles in obtaining capital and enhancing digital capabilities, Comerica is paving the way for small businesses to thrive.

The introduction of Comerica Small Business Convenient Capital reinforces the importance of technological advancement in the banking industry, notably the increasing significance of digital platforms for small businesses in today’s digital age.

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