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“Mom Just Had a Major Heart Attack”: 47-Yo Bodybuilding Icon Recalls Heartbreaking Past With Family That Imprinted an Unforgettable Lesson on His Mind

“Mom Just Had a Major Heart Attack”: 47-Yo Bodybuilding Icon Recalls Heartbreaking Past With Family That Imprinted an Unforgettable Lesson on His Mind

Life has not been a bed of roses for Joey Swoll. After facing years of struggles with body dysmorphia and self-confidence, Swoll took it upon himself to change his life as he embarked on his fitness and bodybuilding journey. However, to make things worse, he faced mental health problems as he fought a severe drug addiction. 

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In his recent tweet, Swoll made a shocking revelation about another tragedy of his life that revolved around his loved ones. Ending the story with a positive message, Swoll emphasized on the importance of family as he revealed how the incident changed his narrative towards love and loyalty.

Joey Swoll remembers an unfortunate event 


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The importance that loved ones hold in an individual’s life is pretty self-explanatory. Our parents often go through a ton of trouble without even mentioning it to us just to ensure we don’t get worried. In a similar turn of events that Swoll revealed, his family was going through a rough patch when Joey was in college. He admitted that he had no idea about it till the point his uncle called him one day and it slipped out of his mouth. “They haven’t paid their rent in months and are going to be evicted,” his uncle revealed. Worried by this, Swoll tried to talk about this but his mother asked him to relax.

When I was maybe 20 and in college my Uncle called me out of the blue one day and asked, “What are we going to do about your parents?”. I was completely lost and asked very confused what he meant. He told me, “They haven’t paid their rent in months and are going to be evicted”.…

— Joey Swoll (@TheJoeySwoll) September 20, 2023

Explaining the slump his family was in, Swoll wrote in a recent tweet, “My Mom just had a major heart attack, open heart surgery, and couldn’t work and my father’s job of years and years where he busted his ass was outsourced to India.” However, what came as a shock to Joey was how his mother reacted when he tried to talk to her about this. 


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Swoll’s realization of the true meaning of love and loyalty

Being a broke college student, Swoll could not help his parents despite his will. He disclosed further that while he was crying, his mother was extremely calm and asked him to stop crying too. His mother said, “I’ll never forget what my Mom said next. “I don’t care if we’re sleeping in our car at a bus stop as long as I have your father”.”


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Swoll admitted, “In that moment hearing my Mom say that, my idea of love changed forever. The love and loyalty I wanted from someone would never be anything less than what my parents have for over 50 years now.”

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His mother emphasized the importance of being there for your family no matter what. The profound realization that Swoll had that day helped him shape good relationships further in his life. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments. 

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