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December 9, 2023
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OceanGate’s Titan Submersible Tragedy to Be Made Into Movie by ‘Blackening’ Producer

OceanGate’s Titan Submersible Tragedy to Be Made Into Movie by ‘Blackening’ Producer

The missing OceanGate Titan submersible tragedy from earlier this year is being made into a movie.

MindRiot Entertainment and producer E. Brian Dobbins (“The Blackening,” “Black-ish”) are making a movie about the OceanGate incident. Dobbins will co-produce and MindRiot’s Justin MacGregor and Jonathan Keasey will write the film.

The Titan submersible caught the world’s attention in June 2023 after it went missing during a deep sea underwater excursion near the wreckage of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean. The submersible lost contact with its mother ship 1 hour and 45 minutes into the dive, and the five-man crew was feared dead as the oxygen supply was dwindling in the high-pressure conditions. Four days after the sub went missing, a remotely operated underwater vehicle discovered debris near the Titanic wreck, and the Titan submersible was believed to have imploded.

All five of the crew members aboard the Titan died; they were British businessman Hamish Harding; British-Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman; former French Navy diver Paul-Henry Nargeolet; and OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush.

This is the first feature film to be developed about the Titan tragedy. In the days after its disappearance, U.K. broadcaster Channel 5 aired a documentary, titled “Titanic Sub: Lost at Sea,” and MindRiot set its own docuseries, “Salvaged,” about OceanGate’s former mission director Kyle Bingham.

A month after the Titan disaster, “Titanic” director James Cameron shut down rumors that he would make a movie about the missing OceanGate sub.

“I don’t respond to offensive rumors in the media usually, but I need to now,” Cameron wrote in a post on X/Twitter. “I’m NOT in talks about an OceanGate film, nor will I ever.”

Deadline first reported the news.

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