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PhotoVogue Festival 2023 Talks: “Generative AI: Practical Use Cases for Fashion, Beauty and Luxury Industries”

PhotoVogue Festival 2023 Talks: “Generative AI: Practical Use Cases for Fashion, Beauty and Luxury Industries”

PhotoVogue Festival 2023: The Talks

Synopsis | Text to Image Prompt: The technology and science behind A.I. and what it could mean for image makers?

In this panel Maison Meta will share some of the many Gen AI case studies from the wide range of work they have executed over the past year with companies such as Moncler, Revolve, Pangaia, Zara, Google, Victoria’s Secret and Mango.

About the speakers 

Cyril Foiret, founder of Maison Meta, the visionary behind the first AI Fashion Week. A self-taught fashion connoisseur, graphic designer, and coder, he’s been passionate about the internet since the mid-90s, well before the Google era. Originally from Paris, France, Foiret started his career as a wardrobe stylist, then moved to LA to launch online lifestyle publication Trendland in 2006 as the Creative Director & UX/UI at Trendland for over a decade. With a fascination for AI, he ventured into the world of technology, serving as a creative director for pioneering Web3 and NFT projects. Foiret’s expertise led him to establish Maison Meta, revolutionizing the fashion and beauty industry with AI generative creations for renowned brands like Moncler, Revolve and Pangaia as well as consulting for Google. The remarkable success of the AI Fashion Week, which he initiated, caught the attention of fashion media and concluded with three exceptional winners. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY, Cyril continues to push creative boundaries at the intersection of fashion and technology with a few secret AI Projects coming out very soon!

This talk is curated by Nima Abbasi. Abbasi has more years of exploring the “Near Future” of the Digital Revolution, working at the intersection of business innovation and new technology. Abbasi is currently a Partner at Maison Meta, the world’s leading AI Studio working with the likes of Moncler, Revolve, Pangaia, Zara, Google, Victoria’s Secret, Mango, BrandTech Group and Campari amongst others. Previously Abbasi was Managing Director at Braw Haus; a Web3 consultancy with clients such as Nike, Adidas, Hogan, Kenzo and Ferrari. In 2007, he founded one of the first Web2 agencies working with international fashion and luxury brands including Veuve Clicquot, Bentley, Oscar de la Renta, Soho House Group and Tom Ford, The agency was sold in 2014. Abbasi qualified as a lawyer in the UK and continued his career as a Management Consultant at Price Waterhouse.

The event is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

The recording of this panel will be uploaded after the Festival.

Thursday 16th November will also feature: 

PhotoVogue Festival is a project directed by Alessia Glaviano (Head of Global PhotoVogue) and co-curated by Francesca Marani (Senior Photo Editor, Vogue Italia), Chiara Bardelli Nonino (Editor, Writer and Curator), Daniel Rodríguez Gordillo (Content Operations & Strategy Manager, Condé Nast) and Caterina De Biasio (Visual Editor, PhotoVogue)

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