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Starbreeze and Torus Games launch a new island inside Fortnite

Starbreeze and Torus Games launch a new island inside Fortnite

The Creative side of Fortnite just got a new experience, courtesy of developer Torus Games and publisher Starbreeze Entertainment. Turtle vs Turtle sets two teams on top of moving platforms and puts them in a battle of base destruction. 

Turtle vs Turtle is essentially the Fortnite that you know and love with a slightly different hook. The game supports two teams of up to eight players. Each team gets a moving platform, and team members need to get to work building defenses and turrets. The goal is to keep your own platform stable and on the move while blasting your opponents’ to bits. 

Bill McIntosh, CEO of Torus Games (LEGO 2K Drive, World War Z) released a statement saying: “Creating Turtle vs Turtle has been an exhilarating journey for us at Torus Games, and the support from Starbreeze has been pivotal in bringing our vision to life.”

Starbreeze Entertainment, mostly a live service games publisher with titles like Roboquest and Payday 3, will be supporting Torus on Turtle vs Turtle as the game continues to evolve. 

Screenshot via Starbreeze Entertainment

Creative 2.0

The game was built using Unreal Editor for Fortnite as part of the Creative system, which Epic released in March 2023. The toolset lets developers create new games inside Fortnite. It also lets them cash in on their work. Each month Epic pays a portion of its Fortnite revenue to creators based on player engagement with their games.

Starbreeze’s other recent live service release, Payday 3, debuted in September to mostly negative reception. Fans ran into frequent matchmaking problems and were frustrated by the game’s need for an internet connection even during solo play. An update addressing some of the issues has faced multiple delays.

Turtle vs Turtle has a solid foundation as part of the Fortnite ecosystem, but Payday 3‘s rough start might make some reluctant to give it a shot.

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