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Apple Fitness+ is adding a game-changing feature

Apple Fitness+ is adding a game-changing feature

Apple Fitness+ is Apple’s fitness service with hundreds of high-quality workouts, audio exercises for walking and running, and exclusive programs for different needs. I’ve been a subscriber to this service since its launch in late 2020.

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Over the years, most of my workouts focused on yoga and the treadmill (although now and then, I do some Time to Run/Time to Walk and dance workouts), and I have always felt inspired by the service’s trainers.

But there was something that always bothered me a bit. I love how the trainers prepare me for treadmill workouts, motivate me to push a little harder, or make a countdown for the last few seconds of running at a steep elevation, but in a few workouts (i.e. Artist Spotlight sessions), I just want to focus more on the songs rather than the specifics.

Fortunately, in the first beta of iOS 17.2 (also tvOS 17.2, watchOS 10.2, and iPadOS 17.2), Apple is adding the long-awaited Audio Focus feature. This feature lets users prioritize the music volume or the trainers’ voices during an Apple Fitness+ workout.

Image source: Apple Inc.

On the bottom right corner, there’s a toggle that lets you choose between the Trainer or the Music. Whatever you choose, you’ll still hear the other one, although one will be louder. Since we are in the early days of the beta, it’s unclear if Apple is giving us more flexibility on the Audio Focus or if something else will change, but so far, I think this change is a welcome one.

For example, I love doing treadmill workouts with Artist Spotlight sessions (like with ABBA, Taylor Swift, and Madonna), and I would rather hear the artists than the trainers. But during some workouts, especially with songs I dislike, I’d rather listen to the trainers giving me the motivation I need.

That said, users – myself included – don’t need to do anything if the current Apple Fitness+ settings are agreeable, as Apple does have a good balance between the volume of songs and the trainers’ voice.

I’m already enjoying this change in the early days of the latest beta, and I’m sure this is going to be a game-changer for Apple Fitness+ subscribers the moment iOS 17.2, watchOS 10.2, tvOS 17.2, and iPadOS 17.2 are available to everyone.

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