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Remedy is looking into Alan Wake 2 audio issues on Xbox

Remedy is looking into Alan Wake 2 audio issues on Xbox

Alan Wake 2 is finally out. It’s quite the scary ride, and one our review-in-progress offered plenty of praise for as Remedy Entertainment went back for round two. However, Alan Wake 2 may suffer a few launch hiccups, as an annoying audio issue affects some Xbox players.

After the sequel’s launch just days ago, player reports have included complaints about the game’s audio cutting out with no apparent cause. While the problem has no clear fix, Remedy Entertainment has acknowledged its existence and stated that it’s looking into a solution.

popping in here to show this softlock i experienced last night during local girl, the option to vault disappeared after the 2nd or 3rd loop – had to reload save to get unstuck pic.twitter.com/OZGzcJAzAY

— NoGoodCitizen (@NoGoodCitizen) October 30, 2023

Remedy also released new patch notes regarding the new update today, bringing general bug fixes for the PS5, Xbox, and PC versions. On both consoles, the studio added localization fixes. Additionally, the Xbox version received tweaks for various visual issues and a problem where players would get soft-locked in interactions.

The Xbox version will also get what Remedy describes as a “significantly friendlier” error message when third-party software prevents the game from starting.

While some of those launch day woes may burden your early nightmares, there are more performance-friendly options to play Remedy’s follow-up. Prior to launch, communications director at Remedy Thomas Puha confirmed both Xbox Series X and PS5 versions would feature different visual modes so players could choose what they value most out of the experience.

You can now experience the full horrors of Alan Wake 2 on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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