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Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is sending out tax rebates during election week

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is sending out tax rebates during election week

The state of Virginia is sending out tax rebate checks to qualified residents, just days before the state’s 2023 General Assembly elections.

On Sept. 13, Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed the state budget into law. Included in that budget was a one-time tax rebate for individual and married Virginia residents who filed their 2022 income tax returns and have a tax liability. Qualified residents receive $200 if they filed individually, and up to $400 if they filed jointly.

On Oct. 25, more than a month and a half after the bill was signed into law, residents started receiving their rebate checks. And every day this week, the checks have been continuing to arrive to homes across the Commonwealth. Youngkin said at an event last week in Arlington that the rebate checks are being processed in the order in which residents filed their taxes.

The checks, according to Virginia residents who have received them in the mail, are being sent with a note that specifically credits Youngkin for the money, telling the taxpayer they are “receiving this rebate because Governor Glenn Youngkin recently signed a bill passed by the 2023 Virginia General Assembly.”

Virginia residents received a tax rebate a week before the state elections.Obtained by NBC News

Youngkin’s office says the Commonwealth anticipates issuing most rebates by Tuesday, Nov. 7 — also known as Election Day, when all 140 seats in the General Assembly are up for grabs, and when Youngkin is hoping for a big Republican win.

Democrats are crying foul, suggesting the timing of the rebates is political in nature.

“Am I supposed to be surprised that these checks are coming out the week before the election,” Virginia House Democratic Leader Don Scott wrote to NBC News in a statement. “Virginians won’t be fooled by this, just like they were not fooled when Donald Trump sent out checks before his losing election.”

The governor’s office has not responded to NBC News’ request for comment on what some consider to be questionable timing of these checks. 

Youngkin is not up for re-election. But Republicans are hoping to win back the state Senate from Democrats and hang on to their majority in the state House of Delegates.

Gary Grumbach

Gary Grumbach produces and reports for NBC News, based in Washington, D.C.

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