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Top Biden adviser Mitch Landrieu expected to leave the White House

Top Biden adviser Mitch Landrieu expected to leave the White House

WASHINGTON — White House infrastructure coordinator Mitch Landrieu is expected to leave his role by the end of the year, according to three people familiar with the decision, who cautioned that the exact timing had not been finalized yet.

Landrieu, a senior adviser to President Joe Biden, was brought on two years ago to implement the bipartisan infrastructure law, overseeing thousands of new bridge, rail and road projects since the legislation passed, administration officials said.

It’s not clear whether Landrieu has his next position lined up or whether he might join Biden’s 2024 campaign, though he is likely to have some role in the broader re-election effort, two sources familiar with the discussions said. It’s also unclear whether he will be replaced.

“We have nothing to share and no timeline to announce,” a White House official said when asked for comment. “We’re approaching the two-year anniversary of the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and I know Mitch is focused on highlighting the historic progress we’ve made and will continue to make.”

Biden appointed Landrieu, a former mayor of New Orleans, in November 2021. He was chosen because of his background in helping the city rebuild after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, White House officials said at the time. Before he was mayor, he was the lieutenant governor of Louisiana.

Landrieu leads a team of about 15 people who are responsible for implementing the $1.2 trillion infrastructure law, which includes coordinating with multiple federal agencies and working closely with state and local governments to execute a variety of projects.

This week, Landrieu traveled to Delaware as Biden announced $16 billion for passenger rail improvements in the Northeast corridor. More than $300 billion has been allocated for key infrastructure initiatives nationwide, which include replacing lead pipes for clean drinking water and expanding access to high-speed internet.

When Biden announced his role, Landrieu was described as “a critical team member when it comes to delivering on the biggest investments in roads, bridges, and rail in generations.”

The Biden campaign plans to use the bipartisan infrastructure law as a key component of its messaging to demonstrate Biden’s ability to work across the aisle on a major priority that had eluded presidents of both parties for years.

But deep into his presidency, polling indicates that voters have struggled to define what Biden has accomplished in office, even though the infrastructure legislation was popular with a majority of Americans when it passed in 2021.

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