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Ex UFC Heavyweight Champion Goes Deep Into Floyd Mayweather’s Mindset to Justify Why Conor McGregor Could Bag the Boxing Clash

Ex UFC Heavyweight Champion Goes Deep Into Floyd Mayweather’s Mindset to Justify Why Conor McGregor Could Bag the Boxing Clash

It is always a thrill, especially in combat sports, when two different sports compete against each other. A cross-sport event always has a different hype surrounding it. We recently had Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou in a boxing match, which was a treat for fight fans despite the controversial finish. But no cross-sport event in history had the hype that could rival the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather bout.

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Mayweather vs. McGregor had 6.5 million pay-per-view buys. The event garnered crazy numbers from the buildup to the post-fight conference. Even though McGregor lost via TKO, no one expected the ‘Notorious’ to perform as well as he did. But would the fight have been made if not for McGregor’s skills on the mic?

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Daniel Cormier believes that apart from McGregor’s fighting skills, his skill as a promoter helped him secure the fight against Floyd Mayweather. DC states, “Conor McGregor’s star power has propelled him to these moments, but it’s also his fighting ability. And that is why he had the opportunity to stand across from Floyd Mayweather.”

DC believes Mayweather accepted the fight only because he respected McGregor as a fighter, stating, “Floyd had to respect his ability enough to say I’m going to fight this guy.” And rightfully so, as no fighter was making as much noise as McGregor at the time.


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However, DC isn’t discrediting McGregor’s promotional skills either, as he does acknowledge them. He states, “Conor was not only a great promoter but also a great fighter.” Conor McGregor is a very special type of fighter we don’t usually find. And even if we do, there are only a handful. But what is it that makes him special?

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As per many fans, Conor McGregor finds his place in Mount Rushmore of notable fighters who made the sport of MMA as big as it is. The Irishman holds eight ranks in the top 10 UFC PPV sales. McGregor is a skilled MMA fighter with an eye for distance and timing, which brings him quite a bit of success inside the Octagon. However, he pairs his fighting skills with his incredible ability to deliver promos.

MMA Fighters have come close in terms of popularity, but no one has propelled the sport itself like McGregor did. McGregor has not only found success inside the Octagon but also outside of it. Though his antics sometimes lead him to trouble, we can say for certain that the majority of fans will tune into his fights.


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However, it has been quite a while since the former double champ has found success inside the Octagon. His last win was back in 2020 against Donald Cerrone. So fans would be hoping that McGregor again manages to turn his fate around with a win at UFC 300.

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