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“WTF, Who Is This Guy?”-Teammate Over Taking Credit for One of His Ballon D’ors

“WTF, Who Is This Guy?”-Teammate Over Taking Credit for One of His Ballon D’ors

What were the boldest demands in soccer that you’ve seen in the past? Former players seem to take the opportunity to express their disappointments and achievements later in their careers. But the story of expression went too far in this case, it looks like. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most popular sportsmen in the world, and one of his former teammates made a bold demand from the Portuguese captain. However, Ronaldo’s reply was something surprising.

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Ronaldo has been associated with many top clubs during his career. Even after leaving, the players still remember the star for his great goal-scoring prowess; however, an age-old teammate took a different route, making a bizarre claim.

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Ronaldo helped his Portugal team qualify for the 2024 edition of the Euros in Germany. Amid all the praise for his contribution, his former teammate from Sporting CP, Fabio Paim, claimed that he deserved one of Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or as he was better than him during his younger days. However, Ronaldo was taken aback when it came to his best player on the planet award. Ronaldo replied, “WTF? Who is this guy?”


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Former Sporting CP player Fabio Paem said Ronaldo should give him one of his Ballon d’ors.

Ronaldo replied under the post on Instagram with: “Wtf. Who is this guy?” 🤣 pic.twitter.com/qOpQ6SJu4u

— The CR7 Timeline. (@TimelineCR7) November 20, 2023

However, the players know each other, and most likely, the comments from both of them could be banter. Paim earlier also made comments about Ronaldo, saying he was better than him. Younger by three years than Cristiano, both players played at Sporting CP’s youth academy, and he has known Ronaldo since then. Thinking about the past, the player claimed he deserved one of Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or.


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However, Paim’s career did not turn out as he expected. Known to be a highly talented player, the winger claims to have lost his career due to affluence. The player has been earning a lot of money since his young days and used to spend beyond boundaries. The player now regrets that, in spite of having the best talent, he did not put in the effort needed to make it big.

Ronaldo rated Paim very highly once upon a time It was also noted that Ronaldo rated Paim very highly while moving to Manchester United. Ronaldo then stated, “If you think I’m good, wait until you see Fábio Paim.” The 35-year-old called himself the most talented person but confessed to lacking humility.


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Going ahead, the player failed even to make it to Sporting CP’s senior side. The player was loaned to different clubs but could not make a mark for himself. On the other hand, Ronaldo turned out to be the biggest legend of the club, with the Portuguese captain being honored in different ways.

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