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5 Of Iron Man’s Coolest Gadgets That We Wish Were Real

5 Of Iron Man’s Coolest Gadgets That We Wish Were Real

Marvel Studios

After reading about his heroic adventures in the pages of Marvel comics for so many years and watching his efforts in other forms of media, including his iconic run in the “Marvel Cinematic Universe,” it’s no secret that “Iron Man” has become a fan favorite for his charming arrogance, compelling character arc, and of course, his countless collection of suped-up suits. But while his Mark series attire may be his most notorious feature, there is no denying he has developed and utilized an assortment of game-changing gadgets that have helped save the day when Repulsor beams and laser-guided missiles were not enough to get the job done.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the guy who created an arc reactor in a cave could come up with some brilliant tech ideas, and with an excess of wealth and knowledge at his disposal, it wouldn’t be difficult to make his wild ideas a reality. Between the power source in his chest, the numerous acronyms AIs, disintegrator rays, and sonic tasers, there is no shortage of next-level gizmos conjured up by the playboy genius billionaire philanthropist that would be an ideal addition for anyone, even those not deemed vigilantes or heroes. But what if some of his expertly crafted contraptions were more than just fictional comic book concepts?

While there are a number of epic superhero gadgets available that could help anyone earn Avengers-level status in the real world, there are five devices that “Iron Man” has wielded in the past that would be excellent options if they actually existed.

Iron Man Gauntlet

Marvel Studios

It’s not always practical to bring an “Iron Man” suit everywhere, but keeping some of its key features may be a wise way of thinking, which is why the “Iron Man” gauntlet would be yet another useful device from Tony Stark’s catalog of technologically advanced creations. Powered by a very small arc reactor, the gadget looks like any other wristwatch at first glance. But once activated, it equips a repulsor to the user’s palm. The self-defense device is a groundbreaking deterrent designed with disorienting effects for any type of assailant, from flash beams to an ultrasonic pulse. In addition, it has the ability to give a middle-aged man a fighting chance against a metal-armed mercenary. It has also proven to be bulletproof at close range, as seen in “Captain America: Civil War.”

They also come with an optional nanotech upgrade that gives users infinity gauntlet power but in the form of a compact and sleek cosmic-stone-wielding accessory that fits its user like a glove — similar to what was witnessed during the pivotal moment from “Avengers: Endgame.” And if taking down the Mad Titan Thanos wasn’t enough to prove their power, thanks to the “What…If?” series, the Stark gizmo has been tested against zombies, even enhanced undead, and has been verified to be effective against both. While it won’t make a person “Iron Man,” having the gauntlet on hand may prove to be a big difference-maker in certain situations if it were a real thing.

Jet-Powered Roller Skates

Marvel Comics

Another “Iron Man” device that many would find beneficial for several fun and potentially dangerous reasons never made it into the MCU but has been featured in the comics a number of times is Tony Stark’s jet-powered skates. First appearing in “Tales of Suspense #40” in January 1963, thanks to the creative efforts of Stan Lee, Robert Bernstein, and Jack Kirby, the suped-up footwear with wheels was intended for military use, allowing the user to travel at incredibly fast speeds as soon as they are activated. Eventually, they made their way into the arsenal of the hero’s infamous suit, giving him an alternative option to make a clean getaway if flying or blasting his way out weren’t viable options.

Whether they run on rechargeable batteries, arc reactors, or jet fuel, the rocket-propelled kicks have a reputation for not only helping Stark out of some close calls but also for being able to outrun heroes like Spider-Man or the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. Even though they were designed to go 60 mph, it’s a safe bet, based on their past endeavors, that the top speed could potentially be higher. Not only would this possibly reinvigorate people’s love of roller skating and provide a new means to get around town fast, but it would also furnish fans with an assortment of extreme sports and risky videos from the abundance of desperate-for–attention content creators. It seems there is a good chance they would significantly impact the market, and items like the electric scooter and the hoverboard would definitely have some serious competition on their hands if Iron Man’s jet-powered roller skates ever make it to the consumer’s feet.

Tony Stark’s Glasses

Marvel Studios

While the Marvel hero’s wardrobe may feature some tricked-out fatigues, several examples showcase the innovator’s ability to combine technological advancements with fashionable accessories. Fans of “Iron Man” may have noticed a unique pair of specialized specks in several of the MCU titles that feature the character, like “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” Surprisingly, Tony Stark’s sunglasses offer more than just stylish eye protection and have the means to defend against threats other than just UV rays.

The “Iron Man” eyewear serves a number of functions that don’t usually come stock with stellar shades, including providing its users infrared vision, navigation systems, analyzing interstellar threats in seconds, and interfaces that are ready to connect with even the most advanced artificial intelligence. Even though there are smart glasses with AI integration available, most are not equipped with one that is specifically programmed as a defense system with a fleet of drones capable of launching missile strikes and eventually able to emit Stark’s B.A.R.F. technology, resulting in holodeck-level hallucinations that even dupe some of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Based on the upgrades one achieves when looking through the enhanced lenses of these superpowered sunnies, it’s pretty evident that these bad boys could be a game changer when it comes to video games, augmented reality, fighting crime, saving Earth, and even finding that perfect taco joint, making them a potential hot commodity if they were real.

Anti-Gravity Device

Marvel Comics

There is one Iron Man-made device that can literally move mountains, making it a necessary inclusion for any list containing the most useful gadgets the Marvel hero has ever concocted. The hand-held gravity manipulator is a small red box that made its debut in “Tales of Suspense #53” in February 1964, where it was stolen by Black Widow not long after Tony Stark figured out by chance how to make the physics-defining device actually work. She displays the anti-gravity ray’s true power by dropping a building on the “Marvel” hero and then a mountain on the military during her Forty Knox Assault.

The ray the machine emits is what causes whatever is in its path to float off the ground. If needed, the reverse effect can take place, increasing the gravitational force on the subject to the ground. Even though it can have devastating effects on buildings, people, and Iron Man suits, it could very well be something many people may want to have around in case the need arises for some heavy lifting. From moving furniture around a living room to no longer needing a tow truck when a car breaks down, the number of practical uses for an anti-gravity device is seemingly endless. It might not get used every day, but it most certainly falls in the category of Iron Man things people would rather have when they don’t need it as opposed to not having it when that moment comes along that they do.

Time Space GPS Device

Marvel Studios

The list of impressive achievements from Tony Stark is excessive, but a strong candidate for one of his greatest accomplishments has got to be when he figured out time travel overnight. To pull off the infamous time heist witnessed by fans in “Avengers: Endgame,” Stark developed a time-space GPS to help Earth’s mightiest heroes navigate their way back in time with the help of the Quantum Realm to the desired places on the timeline. Now, people don’t have to worry about getting stuck like Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfieffer) or Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) from the “Ant-Man” movies because whoever wields the trendy accessory will have a safe passage to their destination. No Delorean, Tardis, or time machine of any kind was needed because, thanks to “Iron Man,” the ability to traverse through history can be done simply by hand.

While making a box that messes with the laws of gravity and a number of powerful suits that turn a man into an airborne army armed to the teeth has made a difference during the character’s run, being able to harness the power of time travel in a palm bracelet is easily among other things, the most useful gadget he has ever made. The possibilities are vast when it comes to being able to turn back the clock at will, and regardless if it’s only for a few minutes, hours, days, or years, the chronological GPS is arguably the coolest “Iron Man” device fans wish they could have in their arsenal. 

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