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The folksy wit of Charlie Munger in 8 memorable quotes

The folksy wit of Charlie Munger in 8 memorable quotes

Photo: Nati Harnik (AP)

Charlie Munger, the longtime vice chair of Berkshire Hathaway, has died at 99. Once described by Bill Gates as “the broadest thinker I have ever encountered,” Munger seemed largely content to let his friend and business partner Warren Buffett absorb the spotlight at Berkshire’s annual shareholder gatherings in Omaha, where he was famous for saying “I have nothing to add” after Buffett fielded question after question from investors.

But Munger was no wallflower. In particular, at annual shareholder meetings of the Daily Journal Corp., the newspaper publishing company he chaired from 1977 through 2022, Munger was known to hold court and put his folksy wit and whimsy on display.

Look back with us at some of his notable, quotable commentary about life, business, and the only person besides Buffett he ever claimed to trust with his money.

“We all know people who are outmarried—their spouses are so much better. Think what a good decision that was for them, and what a lucky decision. Way more important than money. And a lot of them did it when they were young. Just stumbled into it. Now—you don’t have to stumble into it. You can be very careful. A lot of people are wearing signs: Danger, Danger, do not touch. And people just charge right ahead. That’s a mistake.”

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