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YouTube Launches Playables — An Exclusive Gaming Experience For Premium Subscribers

YouTube Launches Playables — An Exclusive Gaming Experience For Premium Subscribers

YouTube is known for its experimental perspective when it comes to technology. In the latest move, the video platform has made an effort to explore the gaming domain as it offers its Premium subscribers an exclusive gaming experience, dubbed “Playables”.

Premium Subscribers can now get access to a collection of 37 games directly through YouTube’s desktop and mobile apps.

YouTube’s foray into the gaming niche showcases its intention to appeal to the gaming audience while boosting the value proposition for Premium subscribers.

YouTube introduced its “Playables” feature on an experimental basis last September, allowing access to a select group. However, its Premium subscribers recently received an invitation to use the platform for gaming, apart from consuming videos and music.

The convenience that Playables offer sets it apart from other such platforms. Users need not install any games after downloading them. These games can be directly accessed within the YouTube ecosystem.

YouTube Offers A Wide Range Of Games

A careful selection of games on YouTube ensures that users with diverse tastes can enjoy a good time on the platform. While it features some of the popular games, such as The Daily Crossword, Brain Out, and Angry Birds Showdown, it also has some arcade games to offer.

YouTube also added the element of urgency to Premium members, mentioning that these games will be available only till March 28th, 2024.

YouTube’s venture into gaming reflects a trend evident among non-gaming tech companies trying to make their mark in the industry. Earlier, Google came up with its Stadia, which was discontinued in 2023.

Back in 2021, TikTok tested the waters in the gaming industry, but ByteDance recently announced that it will lay off around 1,000 staff in the company’s gaming unit. Even Amazon restructured its free gaming division recently. Although gaming doesn’t seem to be a profitable venture for big tech companies, YouTube expressed its determination to explore this domain.

New Features Continue to be a Bonus for YouTube Premium Subscribers

Interestingly, the Playables feature on YouTube isn’t its first experiment. Often, the platform tests new features to which the Premium subscribers get exclusive access. Based on their experience, YouTube decides whether or not to integrate those features in the free version.

Although the gaming feature turns out to be an enticing option for premium users, these games may not appeal to serious gamers immediately.

Besides gaming, Premium subscribers on YouTube can try out the conversational AI feature on the platform. This feature has been designed to answer queries of users watching videos on YouTube.

Earlier this year, the YouTube Premium subscription got costlier by $2. This explains why the platform is striving to extend its offerings and engage its subscribers.

Gaming might not be the exclusive reason for which users might subscribe to the paid version of YouTube. However, the experimental launch of Playables can prompt fence sitters to extend their subscriptions.

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