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Exclusive: Board Game-Inspired Crime Thriller ‘Rough Justice: ’84’ Fires Onto Switch This Month

Exclusive: Board Game-Inspired Crime Thriller ‘Rough Justice: ’84’ Fires Onto Switch This Month

Mistletoe and crime

After a launch on PC earlier this year, developer Gamma Minus and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have today announced that the neon-noir crime thriller Rough Justice: ’84 will be shooting its way onto Switch this month. 20th December, to be precise.

This is a game that’s difficult to pin down. On the surface, this is all about detective management as you choose a team of investigators to crack cases across town, but there’s more at play here. You’ll be relying on the roll of dice, skill cards and practical puzzles to complete tasks in this ’80s-drenched world, all of which will move you through a story of corruption, oppression and violence.

A strategic crime thriller detective management tabletop neon-noir mystery game it is, then. Catchy. For a more in-depth look at what’s in store with this one, check out the following from the publishers:

Rough Justice is an eclectic mix of strategy, neon-noir crime thriller, and detective game, with a gritty story. Take matters in your own hand and solve exciting cases and challenges from protection details, repossession, and fugitive recovery. The addictive moment-to-moment gameplay took inspiration from tabletop board games, which shows in its use of dice, cards and puzzles while solving the cases. That’s why the developers describe Rough Justice: ‘84 as “the video game adaption of a board game that doesn’t exist”.

Rough Justice: ‘84s surprisingly mature story takes place in a hotbed of crime and violence. You step into the shoes of ex-cop Jim Baylor to manage an up-and-coming security agency full of unique agents. While you’re cleaning the streets of Seneca City of scum, you slowly realize that something more sinister is going on in the background. The more you dig into the depths of the city, the more you uncover that it’s rotten from its’ core to its’ head and controlled by a gruesome neonazi organization. This will be Jim’s most challenging case yet, especially given his Jewish heritage.

Over the course of the story the game speaks up about the darker parts of the 80s, a time that was characterized by liberation, economic growth, and dismantlement of borders on the one side but political extremes, toxic ideologies, and oppression on the other. In that sense Rough Justice: ‘84 is not just a game but also a passion project for the multicultural team at Gamma Minus of whom many members have had experiences with oppression because of their cultural background.

Rough Justice: ’84 has seen ‘mostly positive’ reviews on Steam since its launch earlier this year and we are intrigued to see how the noir nostalgia and tabletop gameplay carry over to Switch in a few weeks.

Does this look up your Crime Alley? Follow the clues down to the comments and let us know.

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