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UFC News: Sean Strickland’s Leaked Backstage Footage Reveals Conversations With Coaches Regarding UFC 297 Headbutt Incident

UFC News: Sean Strickland’s Leaked Backstage Footage Reveals Conversations With Coaches Regarding UFC 297 Headbutt Incident

Sean Strickland and his displeasure with his title loss have been revealed in a recently leaked video from his locker room! At UFC 297, Strickland attempted to defend his middleweight title against South African star, Dricus Du Plessis. Both men were involved in a heated build-up to the fight which even ended in an all-out brawl at UFC 296! However, Du Plessis managed to secure the title by winning a split-decision victory over Strickland.

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While the fight saw both men leave the Octagon bruised and bloodied, Strickland recently claimed that his loss occurred due to a headbutt in the fight! And the backstage footage shows that his team and coaches may have been the ones to put forth the idea that the “foul” was why ‘Tarzan’ lost his belt!

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The recently surfaced backstage footage captures a candid conversation between Sean Strickland and his team, where they discuss the impact of the ‘head butt’ on the fight. In the video, Strickland expressed frustration about the eye injury affecting his vision, emphasizing the challenges in the heat of competition.

He stated, “Once that f**king eye opened up, I don’t know how it opened up”, prompting his team to speak up and claim, “Headbutt”


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The fighter then went on to state that once the cut near his eye began to bleed, his vision was compromised for the remainder of the fight. Strickland confessed, “This kind of sucks you know, to get beat like, I don’t mind being beat, but f*king getting headbutt, my eye blind.”

His team, not pleased with the decision loss on the night, then stated, “We lost because of blood, off of a foul, the commentating swinged too..”

The backstage footage offers a raw and unfiltered view of Strickland’s immediate reactions and the ongoing dialogue with his team, shedding light on the complexities and frustrations fighters experience beyond what is visible to the fans inside the Octagon.

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However, his opponent for the night, Dricus Du Plessis, recently revealed that he may have been more nervous while waiting for the decision than he was during the fight itself!

Dricus Du Plessis reveals he “prayed” while waiting for UFC 297 decision Dricus Du Plessis, the new UFC middleweight champion, recently shared his feelings leading up to his championship victory at UFC 297.  Du Plessis, also known as “Stillknocks,” survived Strickland’s challenges, scoring crucial takedowns in a five-round battle, en route to a split-decision victory!

Therefore, in a recent press conference aired on PrimeSportsWithMahlatse on YouTube, Du Plessis discussed the intense moments before the announcement. He revealed, “But, you know, when you go to a judges’ decision, it always- it’s always a 50/50 I guess, but when they started announcing that split decision, I’ve never prayed so hard in my life.”


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As such, Du Plessis’ revelation offered insight into the emotional rollercoaster fighters endure during pivotal moments. The controversy surrounding the fight’s outcome also added an extra layer of intrigue to his championship victory, leaving fans eager for his next appearance in the Octagon!


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