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JOBOB: FBI is considering overweight and illiterate candidates for DEI initiatives: report

JOBOB: FBI is considering overweight and illiterate candidates for DEI initiatives: report

A report delivered to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees alleges that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is significantly lowering its hiring standards considering applicants who are overweight and barely literate, all in the name of prioritizingDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)initiatives.

The report, first covered by theNew York Poststates that theFBIis relaxing standards related to physical fitness, experience, finances, mental health, and integrity to accommodate a larger pool of applicants. It also claims that new FBI agents are struggling to pass the revised fitness standards due to being overweight, and some require remedial English lessons.

“To more easily accommodate a larger pool of available applicants, FBI Special Agent hiring standards have been relaxed and requirements measurably lowered in categories that include physical fitness, illicit drug use, financial irregularities, mental health, full-time work experience, and integrity,” the report states.

The report is allegedly written by sources with first-hand knowledge of the information, including instructors at the FBI Academy, application coordinators, and executives from the FBI headquarters.

One example cited in the report is an applicant who was initially disqualified for being over 50 pounds overweight based on the FBI’s body fat index and failing physical training. But despite this candidate’s inability to meet physical requirements, the FBI decided to reconsider the candidate.

The report also suggests that FBI Special Agent Assessors, responsible for evaluating candidates, are chosen for their inclination to prioritize DEI initiatives over the qualifications of applicants.

“FBI Special Agent DEI hires are selected over other FBI Special Agent candidates who are more qualified based on criteria unrelated to DEI priorities,” the report continues. “FBI Special Agent Assessors who are responsible for evaluating FBI Special Agent candidates are themselves selected based on their propensity to prioritize diversity and inclusion over the qualifications of the applicants.”

With the revelation of these recent allegations, it is clear that the FBI is compromising efficiency in the pursuit ofmeaningless diversity initiatives.

This piece first appeared at TPUSA.

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