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Mutant Football League 2 kicks off into Early Access this March

Mutant Football League 2 kicks off into Early Access this March

According to the recently listed Steam store page, Digital Dreams Entertainment’s Mutant Football League 2 will launch into Early Access in March 2024.

Released in 2017, Mutant Football League serves as the spiritual revival of the 1993 Sega Genesis/Mega Drive game, Mutant League Football. But beyond just slyly changing around the word order to avoid retribution from EA, MFL is helmed by the creator of the original 16-bit titles, Michael Mendheim.

Mutant Football League 2 is the sequel to the only football game that I actually enjoy and continue to play. Other reception I’ve seen has been lukewarm, but I’m serious. I’ve tried multiple times to get into other football titles like NFL Blitz, but I felt doomed to forever hate the sport. I mean American football, not real football. I suppose the secret sauce to get me interested is to just somehow make it more violent.

Mutant Football League has you choose a team made up of skeletons, werewolves, and robots and kick the pigskin or something. Beyond just being American football with furries, cheating is encouraged, and violence is an inevitability. The inclusion of dirty tricks just adds an extra layer of fun strategy. Murder is a legitimate strategy, allowing you to focus on eliminating your opponent’s best players.

The Early Access release will start with just 12 teams and arenas out of the planned 48. It will be offline only at first, and the team is giving the heads up that it will initially be reusing the audio assets from the first game but will be updated with its own music and VO over time. They’re hoping that the full version will be ready in Fall 2024.

The team has had some difficulty in developing Mutant Football League 2, as many of the developer’s staff are located in Ukraine, which is currently under invasion by Russia.

Mutant Football League 2 is set to release on Steam Early Access on PC in March

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