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14 Butt-Sculpting Leggings With the Perfect Amount of Lift

14 Butt-Sculpting Leggings With the Perfect Amount of Lift

Updated on 2/15/2024 at 7:55 PM

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No matter what’s trending in fitness or fashion, we’ll never abandon one of our most trusted pieces of exercise gear: a great pair of workout leggings. These athletic pants are one of the most reliable styles in our closet. And while sometimes we’re looking for purely functional workout leggingsother times we’re in the market for something that can withstand our squat routine and show off the results of those lower-body moves. If you’re currently looking for the latter, we’ve got you covered. These 14 butt-lifting leggings pass our test when it comes to flattering fits, particularly for your backside — look good, feel good, right?

Ahead are some of our absolute favorite spandex-crafted miracles for highlighting the posterior region and giving your glutes a lift, many of which are on sale. Ahead, you can find deep discounts from your favorite brands including, Aerie, AmazonAthleta, and more.

These sculpting leggings will make your butt look great while also giving you an instant confidence boost while you’re out and about, working up a sweat at the gymor lounging around at home. Think seamless pairs, strategic paneling, and compression fabric you’re actually going to want to wear over and over again. Keep reading to shop the best butt-lifting leggings money can buy.

Additional reporting by Dominique Astorino and India Yaffe

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Best Affordable Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Satina High-Waisted Leggings ($12-$37)

These bestselling Amazon leggings act like a second skin, meaning they’ll keep you feeling supported through even the most intense workouts and gym sessions. These pants are made from an ultrasoft compression material that keeps everything in while giving you room to move. See more product details in our review of the Satina High-Waisted Leggings.

What reviewers say: One customer wrote, “These are like a baby’s bottom wrapped in your coziest sweater dipped in butter kind of soft. I wished everything I owned felt this good. I was originally worried that the ‘one size’ would be an issue, I’m a curvy 5″5′, but I’m happy to report not one issue in sight.”

Why we love them: These are one of the softest and most comfortable pairs of leggings on the market, and they cost less than $30. Need we say more?

What’s worth noting: While these leggings fit beautifully around your legs and booty, some reviewers have noted that they tend to err on the thinner side and can even be see-through in direct sunlight.

The details: Sizes: 2 sizes | Length: 2 lengths (full and capri) | Colorways: 10+


Best Amazon Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Seasum High Waist Leggings ($15-$28)

These are the viral TikTok leggings you no doubt remember from the past year or two. They sculpt your butt like no other, thanks to both the textured fabric and strategic ruching. You can find them on Amazon, and given their super-affordable price tag, they belong in your cart ASAP. Our editor wrote a full review of the Seasum High Waist Leggings if you’re curious to learn even more about these scrunch-butt leggings.

What reviewers say: One purchaser notes, “I bought these because one reason: enhance the booty. Disclaimer: I already have a nice butt. However, these greatly accentuated it.” Another customer noted, “Just buy them. You won’t be disappointed! I bought them in white and they do pass the squat test. They also make your butt look huge.”

Why we love them: These leggings are super flattering and super affordable, and the textured fabric helps accentuate your booty.

What’s worth noting: While these leggings are the ultimate booty enhancer, some reviewers note they don’t have very much compression or tummy control, despite the style’s high-waisted design. Save these for lounging, and try a different pair for more serious workouts.

The details: Sizes: XS-4XL | Length: 26″ | Colorways: 10+


Best Butt-Sculpting Leggings For Yoga

Alo 7/8 High-Waist Airbrush Legging ($98)

These are some of our favorite yoga leggings. The thick material makes it look like your body has been airbrushed, but at the same time, they’re soft and comfortable. If you’re doing something that won’t leave you drenched in sweat, these are a great option. Explore other great yoga leggings in our shopping guide.

What reviewers say: One person said, “This was my first pair of Alo leggings and I am in love! They have the right amount of compression, and best of all, the waist band doesn’t slide down or roll. I will be purchasing more.” Another one noted, “I bought these leggings after doing tons of research before dropping more than $50 on a pair of workout leggings. These were worth the price! I love the compression and support without being tight.”

Why we love them: They’re called Airbrush leggings for a reason. You’ll do a double take in the mirror, that’s how good they make your butt look. Plus, they don’t move in Downward Dog and are thick and soft, so they’re perfect for lower-impact activity.

What’s worth noting: We’ve found the sizing on these pants to be, honestly, inconsistent. Some people need to size down, some people wear their true size, and others need to size up. This editor wears her true size, so be sure to check out the size guide.

The details: Sizes: XXS-XL | Length: 24″ | Colorways: 9

POPSUGAR Photography | Marisa Petrarca

Most Versatile Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Tight ($98)

If you fondly remembers your Wunder Unders (RIP), let us introduce you to the new iteration. Wunder Unders were the pants Lululemon became famous for, namely because they looked so good on your butt. The only issue was the fabric was super thick, so it wasn’t always the most comfortable choice, particularly for sweaty workouts. The new Wunder Train is made of Everlux, the brand’s quickest-drying fabric, so it’s lightweight and sweat-wicking — perfect for any kind of training, whether it’s weightlifting, boxing, or HIIT. Lululemon tights are a favorite of POPSUGAR editors — just read our Lululemon Swift Speed High-Rise Tight review to learn more.

What reviewers say: With more than 2,500 five-star reviews, one happy purchaser says these are “like second skin with (the) right amount of compression. I didn’t think I’d love another pair more than Align.” Another customer says, “The Wunder Trains are my favorite legging from lululemon yet! They are buttery soft and do not pill, and the elastic on the waistband is a bonus! I wear these for spin class, yoga, walks, weight training, etc. Truly a multifunctional tight.”

Why we love them: These are the do-it-all pants you’ll rely on for years to come. Whatever your workout of choice, these pants will keep you supported through it all.

What’s worth noting: These leggings don’t have side pockets or some of the side seaming. There is one hidden pocket at the waistband, and the brand does make a pair of Wunder Train leggings with pocketsbut they’re more expensive at $128.

The details: Sizes: 0-20 | Length: 23″, 25″, 28″, 31″ | Colorways: 10+

POPSUGAR Photography | India Yaffe

Best Butt-Sculpting Leggings For High-Impact Workouts

Alo High-Waist Airlift Leggings ($128)

These leggings are so easy to move in and breathable, which makes them a great workout leggings for your sweatiest, highest-impact activities. Plus, like much of Alo’s clothes, they make your butt look so good — and let’s be real, there’s really nothing better than that. You can also explore all of the great Alo leggings in our shopping guide and read our editor’s review of the Alo High-Waist Airlift Leggings.

What reviewers say: One person said these leggings are “extremely comfortable. Material feels great. Really like the single seam, full length and high waist. True to size and fits wonderfully,” while another person said, “absolutely love them, they hug and smooth you perfectly. Just get them!”

Why we love them: These are the leggings you’re going to want to be seen in. The shiny fabric is so flattering and feels like a second skin. When you wear them, you feel like you can take on the world. And trust us, your booty will never look better.

What’s worth noting: These leggings do run slightly small, so if you’re in between sizes, we’d recommend sizing up. They also don’t have pockets.

The details: Sizes: XXS-XL | Length: 28″| Colorways: 10+


Best Flared Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Offline by Aerie Real Me High Waisted Crossover Flare Leggings ($38, originally $55)

Looking for a flared legging that will make your butt look good? These are the ones for you. They’ve got the Aerie signature crossover waistband and the flares aren’t too wide, so you’ll still feel supported. Plus, they’re comfortable, affordable, and so on-trend. Want more options? You can also check out our complete guide to the best flared leggings.

What reviewers say: One customer notes, “Besides the fact that it’s so flattering, the quality is super soft and not the type of leggings that will fade and cheap out over time! I have multiple Aerie leggings and this by far my favorite. I wear it to lounge and even to dress up!” Another customer raves, “I am a plus size woman and these leggings were the boost of confidence I’ve been needing in a pair of leggings. No other legging or pant has ever made me feel this way, I could literally do anything in these. They are so flattering and you can dress up them up or down. Thanks Aerie!”

Why we love them: These leggings are trendy, affordable, and super flattering. They’re lightweight, with just the right amount of support and quick-drying fabric.

What’s worth noting: These pants are a bit longer than your average, butt-enhancing leggings. Fortunately, the brand does offer short, regular, and long styles, so you can find your perfect length.

The details: Sizes: XXS-XXL | Length: 30″, 32″, 34″ | Colorways: 8


Best Size-Inclusive Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Girlfriend Collective Compressive High-Rise Legging ($78)

These leggings are designed for high-impact workouts with an extra-high-rise waistband and four-way stretch for optimal coverage and flexibility. The fabric is both thick and sweat-wicking, making them squat-proof and breathable. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear these to relax at home or run errands. Explore all of the great Gi rlfriend Collective leggings in our shopping guide.

What reviewers say: Customers not only adore this comfortable pair but also can’t get enough of the brown color (pictured). Reviewers claim they feel soft and airy with just the right amount of compression. They also rave about the flattering fit.

Why we love them: Not only are we in love with these stylish leggings, but they also have a hidden back pocket. They feel buttery soft on the skin, making them great for everyday wear, while supporting you in all the right places.

What’s worth noting: The leggings are made from 79 percent recycled plastic bottles and spandex, and come in lots of sizes as well as lengths.

The details: Sizes: XXS-6XL | Length: 19.5″, 23.75″, 28.5″ | Colorways: 12


Best Thick Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Athleta Salutation Stash Pocket II 7/8 Tights ($109)

Some leggings are thicker than others; they’re the ones you may love for winter or layering up when it’s a bit colder outside. Enter, these Athleta leggings, our go-to when we want to feel comfy but still held in. These are great for low-impact workouts like yoga and Pilates where you aren’t getting drenched in sweat, or for wearing out and about. Plus, the side pockets are thick, and your items will not budge.

What reviewers say: One person said, “I love that they stay in place, unlike other brands that I am pulling up as I walk. Very soft and comfortable!” Another one raved, “This legging is very soft and doesn’t cut off my circulation . . . yet it still holds everything in. I can wear these all day with no problem. It’s also flattering. I definitely recommend.”

Why we love them: Frankly, these leggings make your butt look amazing. They’re perfectly compressive and thick enough to be warm and comfortable.

What’s worth noting: As we’ve said, these leggings are thicker than most. If you’re planning on working out hard or doing hot yoga, you might want something a little more breathable.

The details: Sizes: XXS-3X| Length: 25″, 27″, 30″ | Colorways: 8


Best Lightweight Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Athleta Transcend 7/8 Tights ($89)

These tights are super lightweight and perfect for practice on and off the mat. They’re made with Athleta’s Vitafree fabric, which feels like you’re wearing nothing, but still provides full coverage and support.

What reviewers say: One purchaser notes, “These tights are comfortable, squat-proof, and true to size. I love the vibrant color. The tights look and feel well made with quality materials.” Another reviewer calls them “a good everything tight,” saying, “I love this tight. I now have two in this style. They’re buttery soft and so comfortable. I took my tights on a road trip to San Francisco. They were comfortable for the car ride and still managed to keep the chill off my legs while walking at the [pier].”

Why we love them: This is the versatile, lightweight, everyday legging of your dreams. It’s comfortable and easy to wear for a multitude of workouts, and it won’t budge while you’re moving and sweating.

What’s worth noting: These pants are lightweight and don’t have a lot of compression. They have a second-skin feel that’s comfortable and feels like you’re wearing nothing.

The details: Sizes: XXS-3X | Length: 23″, 25″, 28″ | Colorways: 2

POPSUGAR Photography | India Yaffe

Most Comfortable Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waist Pocket Leggings ($99)

These leggings are made of the softest material that you’ll never want to take off. We’ve tested a few styles on our own and can vouch for their top-rated comfort. Pick these butt-lift leggings for winter workouts or lower-impact activities. Want more details? You can read our review of the Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waist Leggings to learn more.

What reviewers say: One reviewer loves the durability of these leggings, saying, “Two of these bought years ago have lasted VERY well: worn and washed hundreds of times. Newest version is even softer and a better fit.” Another person said, “I finally tried Beyond Yoga and am genuinely really impressed (and obsessed). No cameltoe or any semblance of getting one easily whatsoever, and extremely comfortable for all day wear. You don’t feel like you’re being hugged in too tightly and all that.”

Why we love them: These are possibly the most comfortable leggings we’ve ever worn. They’re ultra soft and thick enough to be great for chillier days. When you want to feel swathed in comfort, go with these leggings.

What’s worth noting: These booty leggings are on the thicker side, so they’re not our top choice for sweating it out in 100-degree heat.

The details: Sizes: XXS-4X| Length: 25″ | Colorways: 8


Best Butt-Sculpting Leggings For Lounging

Alo High-Waist Alosoft Lounge Leggings ($108)

Lounge leggings don’t always flatter the butt, but these are an exception. The waistband is designed in such a way so it dips a bit in the back and really accentuates your glutes. Plus, they’re super soft, easy to put on, and great for lower-impact activities such as yoga or barre.

What reviewers say: One reviewer says, “This is the softest, most comfy and durable legging I ever had! And I practice a lot of yoga, always end up choosing to use this one!” Another person notes, “this legging is by far the best legging I have ever owned!”

Why we love them: These leggings are supremely soft and comfortable. They’re thick and perfect for lounging, and we’re obsessed with the shaping of the waistband.

What’s worth noting: These aren’t the most sweat-wicking style or the best for high-impact activities. They also do not have pockets, which may or may not be a dealbreaker for some people.

The details: Sizes: XXS-XL | Length: 29″ | Colorways: 3


Best TikTok-Viral Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Halara Seamless Flow High Waisted Butt Lifting Leggings ($30, originally $50)

Want a high-quality, comfortable legging that’s affordable? You need these bestselling Halara leggings, which boast an innovative design. The darker fabric under the bum adds shape, as does the ruching in the middle.

What reviewers say: One customer said, “They are super comfortable and I love the contour. I am excited to wear these to the gym!” Another noted, “I’m literally obsessed with these leggings! This is my third pair and I have no regrets!”

Why we love them: These leggings are TikTok famous for a reason; they look great on your butt. With seamless construction, an affordable price point, and comfortable fabric, there’s so much to love about these butt-enhancing leggings.

What’s worth noting: These leggings make your butt front and center. Everyone will notice it, so if you’re not in the mood to turn heads, these might not be the pair for you.

The details: Sizes: S-L | Length: 24″ | Colorways: 10+

POPSUGAR Photography | Kyley Warren

Best Everyday Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Carbon38 High Rise Full-Length Legging in Melt ($108)

These cult-favorite leggings are exceptionally great for everyday wear. The stretchy pant is made of a body-hugging material that wraps around the leg without constricting it — giving your booty a seriously great lift in the process. The pant is a POPSUGAR editor favorite, with one writer detailing that it’s her favorite legging to wear to yoga, brunch, and beyond. Read more in her Carbon38 High Rise Leggings review.

What reviewers say: Reviewers agree that this is a great everyday legging, with one shopper saying the pant is made from a “buttery soft fabric” and is “good for walking, yoga & errands.”

Why we love them: These leggings might not be ideal for a high-intensity workout, but they’re the style you’ll want to slip into for Pilates — and then keep on while lounging around all day at home.

What’s worth noting: Some reviewers said this Carbon38 legging is too sheer and fits more like a tight versus a legging.

The details: Sizes: XS-XL | Length: 26″ | Colorways: 6


Best Drawstring Butt-Sculpting Leggings

Lining Daily Leggings ($71, originally $89)

These leggings have a signature drawstring waist which not only looks cute but also ensures that these formfitting leggings will stay up. If you struggle with leggings sliding down, this pant is the perfect style for you.

What reviewers say: One customer noted, “These leggings are so soft I could wear them everyday. I like that it has supportive waist with a cute drawstring.” Another person noted, “This leggings live up to the hype! High waisted, buttery soft, holds you in without being uncomfortable. I will be living in these.”

Why we love them: The best part of these leggings is the fabric. They’re buttery soft but still sweat-wicking, and they make your butt look amazing.

What’s worth noting: Lots of reviewers recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes.

The details: Sizes: XS-XXL| Length: 25″ | Colorways: 6

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