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Rumor: Respawn is Developing a First-Person Star Wars Mandalorian Game

Rumor: Respawn is Developing a First-Person Star Wars Mandalorian Game

William D’Angelo
, posted 1 day ago / 1,384 Views

Respawn Entertainment is developing a first-person Star Wars Mandalorian game, according to sources who spoke with Insider Gaming.

The game is in the early stages of development and is set during the time of the Galactic Empire. The player takes control of a Mandalorian. With your job being a bounty hunter your goal is to capture bounties dead or alive for cash rewards.

The main character will have a jetpack, which will let the player perform horizontal dashing, vertical jumping, boost sliding, and more, according to the sources. The game is described to be “very fast-paced” and will award players who play in this style. 

Playing as a Mandalorian will give players a variety of weapons and gadgets. This includes a wrist rocket, grapple hook, a visor for tagging enemies and bounties, and more.

The sources claim the game will not be open-world, but instead have linear levels taking place on different planets set in the Star Wars universe.

It was previously announced Respawn is developing at least two more Star Wars games. One of them is a strategy title made in concert with new studio Bit Reactor and the other is a first-person shooter developed in-house.

It is very possible the game the sources are talking about is the first-person shooter developed in-house.

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