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Monday Dolphins Mailbag: O-line, Odell, Claypool, and More

Monday Dolphins Mailbag: O-line, Odell, Claypool, and More

A Monday mailbag as we kick off NFL draft month:

From . (@elons18thchild):

Is there a point in the Tua negotiations where they will be considered “broken down” or “stalled”?

That point would come only if one side reaches a point where they say this is as high/low as we’re willing to go and it’s not acceptable to the other party. While we’re not going to be privy to those negotiations, I’d find it hard to believe we’re anywhere near that situation.

From Chris Shields (@shieldsc_):

How comfortable are you with our week 1 starting OL being Armstead, Wynn, Brewer, Eichenberg and Jackson? With Jones and Driscoll being our swing players.

Hey Chris, Armstead clearly is the key and if he’s healthy, he immediately elevates the whole group. As presented here, I think that’s a more than respectable group.

From Jason Kirkland (@1bigdad424):

What’s up Alain? I believe Miami should have signed a big back for short-yardage situations. I know you like Brooks, but they clearly showed they don’t believe in him, he basically only got real playing time in blowouts. A.J. Dillon would have been nice. Your thoughts?

It’s a fair argument, but how much would you pay for a running back who would get minimal carries because, let’s face it, the bulk of the work will go to Raheem Mostert and De’Von Achane. And why would Dillon have wanted to come here under that scenario?


Is Claypool still on the team? Do you think he has any upside? Why didn’t he play more last year?

Hey Curtis, Claypool is not on the Dolphins roster anymore as he’s an unrestricted free agent still looking for a team for 2024. There’s an intriguing skill set there, but one has to be concerned with the fact he’s been on three teams in four NFL seasons. The fact that he barely played after the Dolphins traded for him suggests some sort of underlying issue, perhaps the ability to pick up a playbook or maybe he’s just not a great practice player.

From Chris Bustin (@ChrisBustin13):

Hey, Alain. Miami didn’t learn from their Ryan Tannehill mistake. I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been better for Miami’s future if Brian Flores had remained as the head coach — if for no other reason than his willingness to move on from Tua. What do you think? Thanks!

Hey Chris, you’re trying to get me in trouble with the Tua fans, aren’t you? LOL. I think the jury is still out on your question, though, because Tua’s time in Miami isn’t done and who’s to say he can’t take the next step and lead the Dolphins deep into the playoffs. If that happens, then it would have been obvious the Dolphins made the right choice. As it stands right now, though, your question has merit because the Dolphins were 10-6 and 9-8 in their final two seasons under Flores and then 9-8 and 11-6 with Mike McDaniel, practically the same records. Yes, the Dolphins made the playoffs twice under McDaniel, but that was more about the rest of the AFC than a Flores/McDaniel issue.

From Mark Lever (@MarkFinsfan):

Do you want to see us sign Odell Beckham? Or would you like us to draft a receiver in the top two rounds?

Hey Mark, if the Dolphins can get two stud defensive players (IDL, EDGE) in the first two rounds, I’m good with signing Beckham on a one-year deal if the price is right. There also is merit in taking a wide receiver in the first two rounds. How’s that for a wishy-washy answer?

From OGHighway (@OGHighWay):

Do you think Miami played “Moneyball” this offseason or did we just patch things with duct tape?

Um, yes? Time will tell, right? I think actually I’d lean a bit toward “Moneyball” because they did land several players who could be key contributors in 2024, such as Aaron Brewer, Jonnu Smith, Jordyn Brooks, Shaq Barrett and Kendall Fuller.

THE DOLPHINS AND DOING THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS From Prince-Bishop Militantly Aardvark (@MiltantlyA):

Hey Alain, I’ve just been told by a friend that Poupart means “baby-faced.” Lucky you to look so young! Any sign of a Kendall Lamm re-signing for, say, 5 to 6 million? Hope all’s well.

Hey PBMA, actually, “Poupart” is a kind of crab. The word “poupard” means a fat baby with a puffy face. LOL. Would be very surprised to see the Dolphins giving Lamm $5-6 million to re-sign. I think they’d like to go cheaper for their swing tackle, and maybe that’s what they have in mind for Jack Driscoll already.

From Roger Dodger (@RogerDolfan):

You and Omar Kelly have preached how boss Ross would write any check to win a Super Bowl. Why didn’t he write a check for Wilkins, Howard, Baker or Van Ginkel to keep his top 10 defense intact. Is this why Fangio quit? Is this a rebuild or money grab by signing zero impact players?

Hey Roger, the answer here is very simple and it’s called the “salary cap.” It’s got nothing to do with Ross’ willingness to spend money. Where he can spend without limits, such as training facility or team travel, Ross spares no expense. That’s a fact. But he can’t spend more every year than allowed by the rules, and that’s why some players left.

From fanatic64 (@finatic641):

When free agents come in for a visit, does the organization cover their expenses or does the player have to pay for their own room and board, etc.? If the organization does cover it, do the expenses come out of the owner’s pockets or is there certain funds that already allocated.

Free agent visits are covered by the team and are not paid by the league through a general fund. It’s part of the cost of doing business.

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