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Adidas Partners with Stepn in Move-to-Earn Game

Adidas Partners with Stepn in Move-to-Earn Game

In order to launch a special line of virtual running sneakers known as Solana NFTs, the famous sportswear company Adidas and move-to-earn game Stepn have forged a ground-breaking relationship. In the field of gaming and fitness, this partnership represents a major convergence of the virtual and physical worlds.

A Blend of Virtual and Real Worlds: The Stepn x Adidas Genesis Sneaker Collection

The first in a planned line of collaborative projects between the two companies is the Stepn x Adidas Genesis Sneakers line. In addition to introducing Solana NFT footwear into the fitness-focused game, this collection paves the way for the year-long partnership’s future releases of both digital and physical goods.

The CEO of Stepn, Shiti Manghani, highlights the success of the partnership by emphasizing the opportunity to simultaneously receive rewards in the virtual and real worlds. The partnership of a popular lifestyle app like Stepn with an international company like Adidas represents a paradigm change in lifestyle incentives that will lead to a “phygital” future.

The cost and availability of NFTs for Genesis Sneakers

The Genesis Sneaker NFTs are scheduled to debut on Stepn developer FSL’s NFT marketplace MOOAR. They are priced at 10,000 GMT (Stepn’s native token), or roughly $2,500. 200 Genesis Sneaker NFTs will be released in an initial drop on April 17. Further releases will be made available through a public lottery sale.

Stepn is a move-to-earn FitTech program in which users must own virtual sneaker NFTs in order to start earning crypto incentives through walking, jogging, or running. The duration of prize earning is contingent upon the energy level of the sneakers, whereby legendary footwear confer extra power.

Users look forward to the Stepn x Adidas Genesis Sneakers, but little is known about how much energy they contain. The sneakers’ energy level will have a big impact on how competitive they are in the Stepn ecosystem, so fans will be quite excited.

The Latest Airdrop Campaign by Stepn

Adidas and Stepn have announced their partnership after Stepn’s $30 million airdrop campaign turned out to be successful. During that campaign, players were given airdrop points that could be exchanged for Stepn’s native GMT token. Stepn’s commitment to user interaction and community development is shown by this initiative, which aims to reward badge and Genesis NFT holders.

In short, the partnership between Adidas and Stepn is a significant move in the direction of mixing virtual and physical experiences, changing the way that gaming, fitness, and lifestyle benefits are offered in the Web3 era.

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