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May 29, 2024

Penn. Taco Bell employee springs into action to save life of infant struggling to breath

By Noah Osborne and George Solis

A Pennsylvania Taco Bell employee is being dubbed a hero for her quick thinking in saving an infant’s life.

Bucks County manager Becky Arbaugh performed chest compressions on 11-month-old Myles as he struggled to breathe. The child’s mother, Natasha Long, described the dramatic scene as the two were initially coming from picking up a prescription at a local pharmacy and stopped at Taco Bell. When she heard Myles suffocating, she recalled blacking out.

“I ran out of the car and ran around and opened the car door. I pulled him out and he turned completely blue and was lifeless,” Long recalled. “I didn’t know what to do.”

Bucks County, Pa., Taco Bell manager Becky Arbaugh performed chest compressions on 11-month-old baby Myles as he struggled to breathe. Taco Bell

Enter Arbaugh, who Long described as a “guardian angel,” to restore life to the breathless baby Myles.

“I threw my headset. I ran outside. I took the baby and I started to do chest compressions on the baby and then he finally started to breathe,” Arbaugh explained. “When my kids were little, my daughter had a similar incident, so I knew what she was feeling. I knew if I kept her calm and I stayed calm, there was no thought in my mind that the baby wasn’t going to breathe again.”

It was this calm which Long credits for saving her baby’s life.

“We couldn’t be more grateful to Becky. She saved my son’s life,” Long emphasized.

“She was there right when I needed her. Was the wrong time but the right place,” Long said.

However, while Arbaugh may be hailed as a hero, she says as a mother, she simply saw another mother in need of help.

“I’m just a mom helping a mom. I didn’t do anything different from what anyone else should be doing,” Arbaugh said. “I knew how that was and I heard it and I felt it instantly and I had to go and help her cause I knew, it’s painful. You’re just so helpless as a mom when that happens.”

Noah Osborne

Noah Osborne is a news associate with NBC News Digital.

George Solis

George Solis is a national correspondent with NBC News.

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