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How Doja Cat’s “Fever Dream” Coachella Fashion Came to Life

How Doja Cat’s “Fever Dream” Coachella Fashion Came to Life

Nelson and Doja also wanted to riff off on stereotypes of masculinity, and so they landed on a series of muscular looks that were both strong and high-fashion. One such ensemble was a custom bodysuit made in partnership with the designer Natasha Zinko. “I asked her to do something she has never done before, working with molded silicon, and she absolutely murdered this look,” says Nelson. The stylist and Doja also worked with Off-White and IB Kamara for another muscly outfit. “It blew my mind with the hand-painted muscles by Casey,” says Nelson. “It’s so special and so cool.”

For the grand finale, Doja and Nelson wanted to end the Coachella set with a bodycon look that felt powerful and climactic. “I was speaking to Alexander Wang early on about design ideas,” says Nelson. “There were so many ideas bouncing around, but we landed on this idea of rope and playing the bone structure of her body—but making it super super sexy. I mean, who doesn’t love a little kinky shibari moment on the biggest music stage in the world?”

In a look by Brett Alan Nelson and Off-White.

Photo: Greg Noire

These distinctive costumes came together to form one of the most impactful fashion moments from Coachella weekend one. As for hints on what Doja will wear for weekend two? Nelson says you’ll just have to wait and see. “We do have some new vibes coming for the second weekend,” says Nelson. “Just know that it will just be as happy as the first weekend!”

Below, more behind-the-scenes photos of Doja’s Coachella outfits.

  • Photo: Greg Noire

    Doja during rehearsals.

  • Photo: Greg Noire

    In a look by Brett Alan Nelson and Entire Studios.

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