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She’ll Fit Right In! New Planet Fitness CEO Loves DEI, ‘Unconscious Bias’ Training

She’ll Fit Right In! New Planet Fitness CEO Loves DEI, ‘Unconscious Bias’ Training

Planet Fitness has joined Bud Light as a brand that has taken any goodwill and the reputation they had, and flushed it down the toilet in the name of woke.

For Planet Fitness, their absurd(not to mention dangerous) policy of allowing biological men to use women’s locker rooms if they ‘identify’ as female has harmed the company’s bottom line significantly.

Things won’t get better with their new CEO, either, it seems:

New CEO of Planet Fitness required ‘unconscious bias training, hiring through DEI lens’ at previous job https://t.co/lDqHX7QM4B pic.twitter.com/qjNFLgUGCM

— New York Post (@nypost) April 18, 2024

More from The New York Post:

Planet Fitness — which faced backlash for allowing a trans man to shave in the women’s locker room — hired a new boss who had required employees to undergo “unconscious bias training” and supported “hiring through a DEI lens” at her previous company.

Colleen Keating, who served as chief executive at rental service FirstKey Homes since 2020, will assume the CEO title at Planet Fitness on June 10, the company announced Tuesday.

During Keating’s tenure at the helm of FirstKey, she was a signatory to a document titled “CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge.”

It’s going to get so much worse for the Judgement Free Zone, it seems.

They’re on a mission to self-destruct.

— Tired of being politically correct (@USBornNRaised) April 18, 2024

Let them. Let businesses who don’t subscribe to this woke nonsense take their place.

Under her management 👇 pic.twitter.com/BHtljRPjhX

— Jayde Van Cleave (@jaydevc) April 18, 2024


Planet Fitness files for bankruptcy in the next 18-24 months. Remember this post.

Planet Fitness’s wholly foreseeable demise would make a great MBA case study.

— UNC Tar Heel fan (@NCCoastfan2) April 18, 2024

Yes it would.

But read the reviews of her former company
Exactly what you would expect from someone who made her managers go through such traininghttps://t.co/AmOzYWAdXM

— Ministry of Truth (@stressjudo) April 19, 2024


It’s always a woman. Fact.

— Renaissance Boy (@RinStef3) April 19, 2024

Always a progressive white woman.

That sounds lovely, to men who wants to change in the ladies room.

— full pro (@realfullpro) April 18, 2024

They’ll be welcomed with open arms.

They’ll also be the only remaining customers.

I mean to be fair literally every decent sized corporation does that now. All of them. Yes, ALL of them. https://t.co/XLQtMki9qw

— Oilfield Rando (@Oilfield_Rando) April 18, 2024

Which is a big problem.

What even is this? https://t.co/zTwVTpsChu

— Dog guy (@Catsorange1) April 19, 2024

Insanity. That’s what.

They may attack your unconscious bias, but they can never defeat your conscious bias! https://t.co/BayXTF5QPI pic.twitter.com/4znLQUcbsA

— Dour Visage (@DourVisage) April 19, 2024


A clearer sign of “short this stock” might never exist. https://t.co/ywkoh3rhUo

— Diehard Yinzer in CT (@rlrasmu) April 19, 2024


Planet Fitness about to lose a LOT of money https://t.co/rQ087NPHOV

— TEChittum (@ChittumTe) April 19, 2024


#BoycottPlanetFitness https://t.co/T3FC2FYllQ

— LisaAnne (@LisaAnneGA) April 18, 2024

If you’re a woman who values her privacy and safety, or a man who doesn’t want to be lectured on ‘white supremacy’ while on the treadmill, probably a wise idea.

Another white liberal woman ruining everything they touch with their woke policies. https://t.co/v213TGdBFR

— Bleezy (@blairpg77) April 18, 2024

It’s like the inverse of the Midas touch: instead of gold, everything woke Leftist white women touch turns to s**t.

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