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Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Wowed Fans While Doing QB Drill With C.J. Stroud

Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Wowed Fans While Doing QB Drill With C.J. Stroud

It’s no secret that Dallas Cowboys star linebacker Micah Parsons is one of the most athletic players in the NFL.

His elite pass rushing prowess has elevated him into one of the best players in the NFL today. But it’s his abilities outside of playing linebacker that are causing him to go viral this week.

Parsons has been working out with Houston Texans star quarterback C.J. Stroud. In a clip that circulated on social media, Stroud appeared to be doing drills to work on his footwork, and Parsons was side-by-side with him, looking ready and able to keep up with the quarterback.

Micah Parsons is doing QB drills with CJ Stroud 🤣 (via @GOATfarmmedia) pic.twitter.com/L46HmPhp5u

— Overtime (@overtime) April 23, 2024

As anticipated, NFL fans were mesmerized by Parsons keeping up with Stroud in his quarterback-centric drills.

Here are some of the best reactions from social media about Parsons’s workout with the Texans star:

Micah is hilarious https://t.co/ZvyiNh2ww0

— Glennn (@ItsNotGlennnHtx) April 23, 2024

😂😂 he did good too https://t.co/qsfD8yP4oH

— ATrueVoiceMotivation (@DeAndrianMcCain) April 23, 2024

Micah coming for your job Dak https://t.co/fGvGN2NIQ1

— Matio Ramirez (@ramirez_matio) April 23, 2024

He coming for Dak spot 🤣🤣 https://t.co/99xkUAc0hM

— LONG LIVE JUBYJ🥋 (@DaddyMack32) April 23, 2024

We finna steal parsons lol I see the vision https://t.co/vjZLurC8CA

— korey (@WhereThaSnaxAt) April 23, 2024

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