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13 Doctors and Patients Who Made Memories They’ll Never Forget

13 Doctors and Patients Who Made Memories They’ll Never Forget

doctor’s visit may not top your list of entertainment, but trust us, it’s a hidden comedy goldmine. Picture this: the wacky exchanges between docs and patients that could rival a sitcom script. Some of these stories are so sidesplitting, they’re bound to become the stuff of family legends or clinic folklore.

  • I went to the maxillofacial surgeon to get my wisdom teeth removed. There were three doctors in the office, and mine turned out to be a handsome man under 35 with a great sense of humor, which I love! He injected me with painkillers and then leaned over me, carefully looking into my eyes…
    Overall, I left the tooth extraction feeling like I had just been on a great date, even though I knew he was checking for allergic reactions to the anesthesia. But I still appreciated his attentiveness.
  • My father is a doctor, and he got a call once in the middle of the night from his call share doctor’s patient. The man asked what to do about a bump on his “friend’s” arm that he scratched and something came out. He mentioned it was leaking a little oil now. It was a zit.
    He scratched a pimple. Woke the whole family up at 3 am because he had to page my dad over a zit. Freyja_the_derpyderp / Reddit
  • I found myself seeing the on-duty gynecologist, who happened to be a very handsome, young, and interesting man. As we went through the routine questions, a playful and flirtatious dynamic emerged. It was all fine until I had to sit in the chair, and suddenly, the silliness of it hit me. I think he felt the same because everything shifted, and we parted ways quite formally after that.
  • I had ear surgery and asked if my below the belt piercings needed to be removed. They explained that electro cauterize thing and asked, “Do you want to take that chance?” Same with an MRI. noizes / Reddit
  • “Do you have any medical problems?”
    “So no diabetes?”
    “No diabetes”
    “What medications are you taking?”
    “Metformin. For my diabetes.”
    I facepalm every time. Retinator99 / Reddit
  • I had a woman say she’s 30 when she clearly didn’t look it. Oh well, I move on to other questions. I look at her files and lab reports, which have her real age on them: 41.
    Like, why though? What difference does it make lying to healthcare staff? This is health-related, not your Tinder profile. Nobody’s going to see this and think, “I ain’t dating an old lady.” By the way, she was married with children. BariumBromide2 / Reddit
  • I had a lady tell me she had no idea how she got a rash she had on her face. I left the room, gave report to the MD and when I walked back in with the doctor she looked at me and said, “I didn’t think you’d be coming back in the room” and then proceeded to confess that she’d been cheating on her husband and thought she had herpes. She did not have herpes. unknown author / Reddit
  • I’m just a med student, but a doctor shared this with us. She’s a gynecologist and this woman came to her complaining about how she hasn’t gotten her periods in a few months and well she was showing menopausal symptoms and in fact she looked almost 50, but she kept saying she’s only 30 and she can’t have menopause.
    It has a funny ending, when the doctor asked if the woman had a kid, and she said yes he’s 27 y/o. I don’t know why people lie about their age, but this was a funny story for the whole class. doctorbanns / Reddit
  • My mother is a nurse and told me about the time some lady came in for abdominal pains. Yep, she was pregnant and gave birth and as soon as the baby was out she screamed, “It’s not mine”. Mom responded with, “It didn’t come out of me.” jedidude75 / Reddit
  • Had a patient refuse to admit he swallowed a pen, even though an x-ray showed the pen in his small bowel, and we took the pen out during an emergency surgery. DissociativeFuego / Reddit
  • I’m a vet student. Many clients like to say, “I don’t over feed my dog/cat, that’s just their normal size!” when their pet looks like a watermelon. Momordicas / Reddit
  • “Sir, have you eaten this morning?”
    “Nope. Not since before midnight.”
    Meanwhile, I’m looking at a sliver of contracted Gallbladder.
    “Are you sure? Because I would hate for this test to come back incorrect, and you end up meeting with a surgeon when you don’t need to…”
    “…I might have had a couple of waffles and eggs…” DarkGreenSedai / Reddit
  • A mosquito bite. I do not lie. A man in his 30s could not figure out how to function in life, that he brought himself to our ER in life-saving need of this bite. This is after we have been working like crazed kids on too much Red Bull with a full waiting room.
    Now, you might be thinking, “Well, I’ve had bites, and they’ve been awful, and I can kinda get it!” Nope. Not that kind. He specifically told me a mosquito bit him on his ankle and he just wanted to “make sure” he was all right.
    I said to him, “Have you been bitten by a mosquito before?”
    “Ok, and you lived?”
    “Ok, so why are you here?!”
    “I just wanted to make sure it’s okay.” A. May / Quora

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