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LSU’s Brian Kelly: ‘We’re Not Going to Go Out and Buy Players’ in CFB Transfer Portal

LSU’s Brian Kelly: ‘We’re Not Going to Go Out and Buy Players’ in CFB Transfer Portal

Timothy Rapp @@TRappaRT Featured Columnist IV May 8, 2024

Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Brian Kelly made LSU’s approach to the transfer portal abundantly clear on Tuesday.

The Tigers’ head coach told WAFB-TV Sports that LSU wouldn’t be buying players while asked for an update on the team’s search for more defensive lineman:

“We were in the market, in the transfer portal, looking for defensive lineman. It hasn’t fared very well, quite frankly, because we are selling something a little bit differently. And that is, we want to recruit. We want to engage, build relationships. We want to develop, retain, and have success. We’re not in the market of buying players. And unfortunately, right now, that’s what some guys are looking for. They want to be bought. … We’re not going to go out and buy players.” College football recruiting has changed in the age of the transfer portal and NIL deals that allow college athletes to profit and earn sponsorships. While it has given players the opportunity to cash in on a multibillion-dollar business, it has also forced coaches to change their approach to enticing players to join, and stay with, their program.

And the notion that LSU itself isn’t buying players is… debatable, at best:

Andy Staples @Andy_Staples EVERYONE is in the market of buying players. (It’s 2024 and you’re not at Notre Dame anymore. You can just say it.)

But if you say “We’re not interested in paying way above market value just because demand outstrips supply at this very moment,” it’s probably true. https://t.co/kMZ78h9ddy

Alex Kirshner @alex_kirshner I don’t think the Brian Kelly thing says much at all about LSU’s competitiveness in NIL but it is a continued testament to a one-of-a-kind ability to be a highly successful CFB coach with no communications tact whatsoever. Nobody does it better while doing it worse

Kevin Clark @bykevinclark if they didnt buy players they would lose every SEC game by many scores.

Robert Behrens @rcb05 Brian Kelly left Notre Dame for LSU because of the relationships and development opportunities. pic.twitter.com/X0XszJV4Mm

The other irony in Kelly’s comments is that he is one of many prominent football coaches whose services were bought for millions of dollars. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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