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Richard Simmons Posts Audio Message, First Time We’ve Heard Voice in Years

Richard Simmons Posts Audio Message, First Time We’ve Heard Voice in Years

Richard Simmons Posts Audio Message … 1st Time Voice Been Heard in Years!!!

Richard Simmons seems to be poking his head out from where he’s been hiding for about a decade now — ’cause he just let the world hear his voice anew … and he hasn’t changed.

The legendary fitness instructor threw up an audio clip Monday to his personal YouTube page — and while he normally posts dance remixes and other throwback clips of himself … on this particular occasion, he decided he wanted the world to hear from him directly.

Check it out … the snippet is fairly brief, with RS noting the date (5/6/2024) and then offering up a thank-you to his fans who read his inspirational notes/messages on Facebook

Richard then dives into a little roses-are-red poem where he declares his love for his base … and caps it off with a sweet farewell, almost seemingly teasing the notion he’ll be back. That certainly jibes with him chirping up these days … more than he’s done in a very long time.

You’ll recall … TMZ did a documentary that examined where Richard Simmons was today, and why he vanished from the public eye — as it turns out, he never really liked fame.

He did address the public when we dropped our doc — and even outside of that, he’s repeatedly made clear over the years he wasn’t being held against his will, and that there weren’t any bad actors in his orbit … despite rampant speculation to the contrary.



As everyone knows … Richard disappeared in 2014 when he didn’t show up to one of his fitness classes, without any explanation. Since then, he’s lived a very reclusive life.

The latest with him actually pertains to Pauly Shorewho’s making a biopic about the guy.

Of course, Pauly is forging ahead with the movie without Richard’s blessing — and despite his repeated attempts to get him onboard and to help … RS has rebuffed him time and again.


With this latest development though … ya gotta wonder if we’ll see Rick in the flesh soon.

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