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John Legend Says Chrissy Teigen Injured Her Neck ‘Trying to Be an Acrobat’

John Legend Says Chrissy Teigen Injured Her Neck ‘Trying to Be an Acrobat’

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John Legend Says Wife Chrissy Teigen Wound Up in Neck Brace After ‘Trying to Be An Acrobat’

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen suffered her recent injury by taking a page out of her daughter Luna’s book, according to husband John Legend.

“She hurt her neck trying to be, like, an acrobat, which she’s not,” Legend, 45, told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on Monday, May 13. “Sometimes she’s daring and she’ll try things.”

Legend went on to joke that Teigen, 38, “may have been watching Luna too much,” adding, “[Luna has] been doing, like, real gymnastics. But [Chrissy] got in her head that she could try this, and it was not a good idea.” (The couple, who wed in 2013, share kids Luna, 8, Miles, 5, Esti, 16 months, and Wren, 11 months.)

Luckily, Teigen’s injury wasn’t a serious one, as Legend told the outlet that Teigen is doing “much better now.”

Teigen revealed her injury via social media last week by sharing pics and videos of herself sporting a neck brace. “Oh, my God. I’m fine. Everybody’s reaching out. I’m OK,” she stated in a May 6 Instagram Story video. “It’s a CVS neckband and I just can’t rotate my neck because I tried to do a headstand and it didn’t go well. And that’s all. There’s no story, I promise.”

She walked the red carpet sans neck brace in a nude sheer dress with floral decals at the Accessories Council Excellence Awards in New York City on May 7, during which she revealed she didn’t get a Met Gala (which was on May 6) invite this year.

Courtesy of Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

While on stage to present the Design Innovator Award to Cult Gaia’s Jasmin Larian Hekmat, she revealed that would have worn the ensemble she was sporting to the Met Gala if she attended. The dress’ floral designs would have fit with the Met Costume Institute’s “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” exhibit and the night’s “Garden of Time” dress code.

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Teigen recently hit another red carpet before her neck injury, posing for pictures with her husband at the Los Angeles series premiere of Netflix’s A Man In Full. She sported a black strapless gown with yellow polka dots at the event, which Legend complemented with an equally stylish tan, brown and black suit ensemble.

Last month, Teigen and Legend took their family of six overseas for a fun vacation in Thailand. “Chrissy and I have been coming to Thailand together for 17 years now,” Legend captioned a slideshow of snaps from their trip via Instagram on April 7. “Loved bringing all our babies for Spring Break 🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭❤️🇹🇭.”

After enjoying family time together, the famous family faced issues while flying home to the US. “Hour 5 at the airport,” Teigen captioned an April 8 Instagram Story video of herself sleeping at a Dubai airport amid flight delays.

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