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AGS Partners with Jonathan Gagne: Building a “Wellness in the Multiverse” with Achievable Fitness Goals

AGS Partners with Jonathan Gagne: Building a “Wellness in the Multiverse” with Achievable Fitness Goals

San Francisco, CA, May 15, 2024 –(PR.com)– AGS, a global boutique brand management agency, announced a new collaboration with Jonathan Gagne (@jogagnetrainer). Gagne, a respected voice in the fitness influencer space, champions the concept of “everyday superhero strength,” resonating with individuals seeking realistic results and a relatable approach to well-being.

Jonathan boasts a significant online following, exceeding 163,000 followers across social media platforms, with his posts reaching over 2 million users. His message uniquely blends superhero-inspired motivation with practical guidance. Gagne’s own journey from an average physique positions him as a credible figure for those pursuing sustainable and attainable fitness goals.

A Standout Approach: Empowering Individuals with Actionable Advice
Gagne distinguishes himself by offering clear, actionable advice alongside explanations that debunk common fitness myths. This direct and motivating approach, combined with his unique use of superhero-themed inspiration, sets him apart in the crowded fitness influencer landscape. It’s akin to having a trusted expert guide you on your path to a healthier lifestyle.

Holistic Wellness Beyond the Gym
Jonathan’s influence extends far beyond physical fitness. His podcast, “Wellness in the Multiverse,” and his contributions as an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine showcase his commitment to a holistic approach to well-being. He emphasizes the importance of building a supportive community, fostering intrinsic motivation, and celebrating progress, regardless of how small. “Superheroes inspire others,” says Gagne. “So strive to be someone’s source of strength. Your journey is unique, but aim to be the voice that lifts others up. Encourage them to see the multitude of ways they can make a positive difference in their lives.” Follow Jonathan Gagne: @jogagnetrainer | Podcast: “Wellness in the Multiverse.”

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