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Top 10 Idol Anime to Make You Sing and Dance Along

Top 10 Idol Anime to Make You Sing and Dance Along

Idols are performers; they can sing, dance, and entertain. But above all, their existence becomes the source of joy for the sad ones, a ray of hope for the lone ones, and a source of entertainment for those having a bad day. While they are always found smiling in front of cameras, their lives aren’t full of strawberries; their struggle behind the cameras is unimaginable. 

That is why I have curated this list to share idol anime that shows different sides of idol culture from both an idol’s and a fan’s perspectives. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of top 10 idol anime. 

10. Shine Post 

Haru, Rio, and Kyouka’s idol unit, Tings, is on the verge of disbandment. The only to survive is to fill 2000 seats during their upcoming anniversary concert, which is a dream for small groups like them, whose highest number of seats sold never crossed 40.

To help with that, they are placed with a new manager, Naoki Hinase, who lacks motivation. But after seeing Haru’s passion as an idol and her ambition to make everyone fall in love with idols, Naoki finds motivation to help these girls achieve the unachievable.

9. If My Favorite Pop Idol Made It to the Budokan, I Would Die

After watching Maina Ichii of the underground idol group ChamJam, Eripiyo decides to stan her. Cyclones, injuries, sickness, nothing can hold her back from attending an event that Maina participates in.

As a Maina stan, Eripiyo’s dream is to see her idol, Maina perform on the grand stage of Budokan in Tokyo. If you stan an idol or a group, this anime is a must-watch for you because it’s an idol anime from the fan’s perspective.

8. Wake Up, Girls!

After debuting with their song in front of a small audience, the idol group Wake Up, Girls, was destined to fail after their manager took off with the agency’s money. However, they were saved by a shady deal by a mysterious sponsor.

Wake Up, Girls! | Source: Fandom

Despite that, the small idol group pushes themselves through hardships to survive in a cutthroat idol industry. But with rising popularity, the risks of individualism increase unless every individual decides to give it their all for the band’s future.

7. Zombieland Saga 

Sakura Minamoto’s dream of becoming an idol remains unfulfilled after getting hit by a truck-kun. Although she isn’t reincarnated, she wakes up in Saga prefecture, but as a zombie, where she proposes an idea to join an idol group with six other girls.

Zombieland Saga  | Source: Fandom

The goal? This idol group will economically revitalize the prefecture. Following along with the schedule set by Koutarou, the manager, Sakura, finally gets to become an idol, a zombie idol.

6. Aikatsu! 

Mizuki Kanzaki is the number-one idol and top-ranked student in the prestigious Starlight Academy, which is believed to be the ultimate goal for those who dream of becoming idols.

Aoi Kiriya and her best friend Ichigo are among those inspired by Mizuki and plan to enroll in the academy to realize their dream of becoming idols. The training behind the glamour and glory isn’t all strawberries; emotional rollercoasters, friendships, and heartbreaks await.  

5. Searching for the Full Moon

Mitsuki Kouyama’s dream is to become a professional singer. But fate had something else planned for her as she was soon diagnosed with throat cancer. Removing the cancer is an option but she might lose her voice forever.

But when two shinigami, Meroko and Takuto, appear to tell her that she has only one year to live, Mitsuki’s dilemma comes to an end. She decides to become a singer within the time she has left, not letting fate decide her future. 

4. Skip Beat!

Kyouko Mogami is working herself to the bone to support her childhood friend, Shoutarou Fuwa, as a rising idol. From a burger joint to tea ceremonies, Kyouko does everything possible to support him.

But one day, she overhears that to her beloved Shoutarou, she is nothing but a servant. Enraged by his remarks, Kyouko decides to take revenge on the rookie star by entering the entertainment industry and rising to fame while tackling the adversities that come her way.

3. IDOLiSH7 

Tsumugi Takanashi becomes the manager of the new male idol group on her first day at her father’s production company. However, her first task will be to cut down the group into a three-member one as currently the most popular group is also comprised of three members.

But after holding an audition of these seven members, Tsumugi declines to cut off four members because their unique charm as a group makes them shine. With the name IDOLiSH7, these seven boys venture into the competitive world of idols.


Thirteen professional idols dream of becoming country-wide celebrities under the watchful guidance of 765 Production Studio. Behind an idol’s smile are blood, sweat, and tears, an obvious in the ever-competitive idol industry.

The iDOLM@STER | Source: Fandom

The more popular they grow, the further they get as a family. The imbalance between their personal and professional lives threatens their time together, but with each other’s support, they aim to overcome these obstacles and continue to shine on the stage.

1. Love Live! School Idol Project

Due to the decrease in enrollment over the years, Otonokizaka High School will shut down. However, Honoka Kousaka, a second-year student refuses to give up and aims to make a school idol group to spread awareness of their school.

Love Live! School Idol Project | Source: Amazon

Although she forms a group named Muse with her friends, Umi and Kotori, the student council president, Eri Ayase, strongly opposes the idea. To save her school, Honoka’s last resort is to participate in Love Live, a competition to determine the best school idol group in Japan.

Final Thoughts

Whether female or male, the world of idols isn’t any different from the life we know. The smile on the screen hides the tears of struggle off stage. This list includes titles that present the idols from different perspectives, including a fan’s perspective.

I hope you enjoy watching these idol anime, especially those well-versed in idol culture. If there’s any recommendation or feedback, feel free to comment below. 

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