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SPI Media Welcomes Award-Winning Author Pamela Slim to Its Experts in Residence Program

SPI Media Welcomes Award-Winning Author Pamela Slim to Its Experts in Residence Program

Sandy Mann, Director of Marketing
SPI Media
[email protected]

SPI Media announces the addition of award-winning author, speaker, and agency owner Pamela Slim to its Experts in Residence Program. Pamela joins a distinguished roster of members, including Amy Nelson, Nausheen I. Chen, Yasmine Salem Hamdan, Caleb Wojcik, Terry Rice, Jason Feifer, Pat Flynn, and Matthew Gartland. With three decades of experience helping business owners scale their enterprises, Pamela brings invaluable expertise to the SPI Pro community.

About Pamela Slim

Pamela Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation, Body of Work, and The Widest Net (winner of the Best Sales and Marketing Book of 2021 award from Porchlight Books), is also the co-founder of the K’é Community Lab in Mesa, Arizona. Alongside her husband, Darryl, Pamela provides support and resources to numerous BIPOC entrepreneurs, contributing to the social, health, and economic development of their local community.

Pamela is frequently quoted as a business expert in publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. She also runs an agency specializing in developing certification and licensing programs.

About the Experts in Residence Program

The Experts in Residence Program within SPI Pro offers exclusive insights, mentorship, and expert-led events designed to equip entrepreneurs with essential skills and foster continuous growth across key business domains.

When asked about joining the program, Pamela expressed excitement to share her expertise, helping SPI Pro members overcome roadblocks, accelerate market entry, and scale their businesses. She looks forward to learning about everyone’s business ventures and contributing to the exchange of ideas within the community.

SPI Media is a trusted learning and development ecosystem serving a global community of online entrepreneurs. Comprising two vibrant online communities — the All-Access Pass and SPI Pro — SPI Media caters to entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey. The All-Access Pass is tailored for early-stage entrepreneurs, while SPI Pro is an application-based community designed for established business owners seeking guidance for accelerated growth. SPI enables members to achieve their goals through top-tier educational content, community-building opportunities, and training experiences. To learn more about SPI Media and the Experts in Residence program, please visit SmartPassiveIncome.com.

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